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  1. Hey awesome stuff! Can you please post your tactic? The 343 especially. And did you use that every season?
  2. Interesting PPMs. Does he actually cut in or does he hug line?
  3. Look at the highlighted key attributes of roles. There are two colours with one colour most important and other not so much. For a playmaker for eg I'll look for Technique, passing, first touch, composure, work rate, Decisions at say about 14. Then drop it to find realistic targets. So eventually might drop to 13 or some like passing I'll keep at 14 etc. Just play with it.
  4. If it's a key attribute yes I get out off. For eg concentration for DCs or Composure for STs. Work rate is one for CMs I won't touch under 10 but other positions doesn't really matter that much.
  5. Bring in scouts your trust with high JPA and JPP. scout players and look at star ratings. That compares abilities with current players and looks at potential too. Once I've shortlisted players I compare shortlisted players and compared them to existing players too. This will help decide if it's worth it.
  6. Did you get a work permit? If so when.
  7. How has Ryan developed? Is he at arsenal's level? Thought maybe mid table at best.
  8. Re Lemos... When did you purchase him? First window season one? Or Jan?
  9. What role is best for Da Silva Lopes? I was thinking CM A or B2B?
  10. Hi Id swap Barkely and Lukaku mentality... AP A and CF S. Or try AM A for Ross. I've has great success with CF S and AM A. Baines I'd make WB A that get him forward overlapping IF.
  11. Hey @yaprulez how much did you bring in Dolberg and Marchetti for and what season? I'm keen to bring them in too.
  12. Hi @Evanescent how has Jannes Horn developed? Can you please send a screenshot? Ive started a Wolfsburg save and trying to decide if he'll be a good option or purchase someone else.
  13. Hey in Season one did anyone go into red with balance? I'm 7m red after doing my transfers.... And will this effect future budgets?
  14. Hey started a OM save ans enjoying it massively. Still doing transfers. Whats the joker transfer period @georgey mentions?
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