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  1. which tactic? warrior 370p ? can you send the link to the one you're using ? there are so many out there it's confusing ...
  2. FM20.4.1WARRIORKnapCD4132CFP370(209-161) trying to find this one but can't. came high up in the fmarena league
  3. so which one is the recommended one ? the 380 p with AP or the 375 one with AM?
  4. how do you feel about just setting the offside trap opposition instruction, without leaving the rest to the assistant? wouldnt he disrupt the defensive side of the tactic with applying incorrect instructions?
  5. so it doesnt seem what i do, what instructions i give or team talks i give. tactic is good, i can see team playing well. but that doesnt matter if my team concedes TONS of goals from set pieces. and i mean TONS. any remedy?
  6. early couple of games looks promising. stable, solid. shouts really help like you said. who do i take off if red card? i assume opposite foot on the wingers is preferable?
  7. so by that spreadsheet. your Kashmir433 with 110 points would in theory be the best. and it also serves subpar and underdog. correcT?
  8. so what is Knaps best tactic right now ? im totally lost by the amount of his tactics now...
  9. could you just pinpoint more what type of players i would need for DM, CM and AMC positions? i read the OP obviously and other comments, but just to reassure me that im thinking right: for the DLP support role: i look for a defensive mid that can pass and create for the CM attack role like you said a Milinkovic, Koke type so a box to box type with emphasis on attacking attributes for the AMC i look for passing, technique, creativity and quickness. like a Hazard type of player
  10. anyone else experiencing massive amounts of cards and penalties against? using cerber v4
  11. getting dicked over alot by long balls behind my wing backs, then cross and score. any remedy for that? using annihilator v1
  12. could you also be more descriptive about the requirements for the DLP? I use Toni Kroos there testing the tactic with Real Madrid, he seems good for it. Not physical like you said but great mentals and technical stats. Not getting very high ratings, just solid around a 7 or just below most games. I expected more from that.
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