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  1. For anyone wondering if this works with 9.3.0, early indications are that it does. Started a leeds game... used home formation home to Stockport and dominated, easy 2-0 win used home formation away at darlington in cup and won 3-1 used away(control) formation away at Leicster and won 4-3
  2. I have Gago and Modric in my Tottenham side... both good playmakers, Gago DMC and Modric MC... which would you use at the playmaker?
  3. in the home version which position is best for the play maker? dmc or mc?
  4. Started a game with everton and used the 'control' version of the tactic. 17 games in to the premiership and im sitting comfetably 3rd. City and United 5 points ahead and im 5 points clear of Chelsea and Liverpool. Excellent tactic so far it seems, the games I havn't won I've had more possesion in and more CCC apart from one, against Valencia... but I blame that on me saying "relax, pressure is off" and coming in 2-0 down at half time! The formation does seem perfect for my everton side which is probably why with only 1 'first team' signing of Vicente on loan i'm 3rd.
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