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  1. just going to start a new games now with Ajax. Not been on FM in ages, should be fun
  2. just started a new save at Bournemouth, only bought the game last week, absolutely loving it, now trying to pick up some of these freebies cheers guys
  3. I just read online that steam has been hacked. I have tried to load up FM2014 but it keeps saying "error code 101" I've also noticed that you can't get onto the steam site. I was wondering if anyone else was having the same problems.
  4. Finished the first season. I had a really bad drop in form in the last few games. I was sitting top for the majority of he season but I'll settle for third The squad is not bad but I seriously need to do some serious business before the new season starts
  5. Ok got a game going now. I shall of course post updates :-)
  6. hahahaha. I'm gonna start a new game I think now that the updates out
  7. Steam emailed me this morning and its all sorted, as much as I was angry I can't complain at the fact they actually sorted it
  8. I do have the key from GMG where I bought my copy of fm2013. I presume I can't create a new steam account and download it to there?
  9. Yea I've installed it and everything is 100% correct. It's just not sending me the code. I've checked my spam folder but nothing. It shouldn't take days to get a esponse from steam though surely?
  10. Does anyone know anything about how to retrieve an account on steam? I upgraded from vista to windows 8 and now I can't log into steam, it says I am trying to log in from another computer which isn't true. I have tried to get a code sent by steam guard but it just isn't emailing me one. I've sent steam a question asking can they sort it but I've heard nothing, that was about 4 days ago now. I don't want to lose my stuff on my steam account. Any help will be appreciated
  11. Ok I meant finish my season. I did start a save last night and did around half a season. I've just finished my first season now managing to win the league. It wasn't easy but as your predicted to finish 4th I think it went well My 2 stars by a long way were these 2 players. I know from previous Litex games that it's almost been impossible to keep Milanov at the club, the guys absolute quality and I have no doubt he can do it in the bigger European leagues
  12. Right the suns buggered off so I'm starting a brand new Litex save :-)
  13. Just finished second season. I've not improved to be honest but just happy to finish in Europe. It's going to be a rebuilding job I think :-)
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