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  1. Does lucas romero develop aswell as last year or as good as last year not signed him this game but last year was amazing
  2. anyone who has signed dybala would you recommend him
  3. someone with lots of energy who can break up play
  4. Whats kante like on the update on FM16 starting a MUFC save for myself and looking at getting new CM's in
  5. looking to sign a midfielder enforcer on my new MUFC save and i like Kante is he worth getting or can you guys suggest better options
  6. any non united wonderkids given a massive boost who i should look to sign since the update
  7. Any players or areas you recommend i should look to strengthen at arsenal i will be playing 4-2-3-1
  8. What would you say are this years must buy hot prospects on FM 16 ?
  9. Managed to get my tatic to work apart from the fact we keep missing so many chances just cant get striker to score consistantly and wingers just keep shooting from silly angles even when i say shoot less often
  10. Dont have a save at the moment but the last 2 have gone badly wrong from the start
  11. cant get a united save going team just missed loads of chances and concedes soft goals has anyone got any advice like signings staff and a tactics
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