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  1. i have downloaded a tycoon save of here and got it going but how do i become the manager off that club that has the tycoon please
  2. suprised this thread is dead with the money and the squad city have thought it would be more lively but then again it could be to easy
  3. Love to play has Dortmund reus is just amazing I'm in my first season how should I buy to replace lewandowski and I need defenders please
  4. Just starting my first season and I've signed Lars bender has we lack a ball winning midfielder anyone had him in there team
  5. Going to buy lard bender I've just had a bid accepted for 27m is that to much I'm not sure about is price tag
  6. trying to put these in football manager 2012 but some leagues wont load can anyone help please.sorry for going of topic
  7. can you put martinze at everton and mourino at chelsea pllease
  8. hi i'm trying to load a transfer update in to fm 2012 which is for 2013 but my problem is it wont show some leagues can anyone help please.
  9. thanks how do i change my players atrributes i just changed my skin i think that might be why but i am not sure thanks so much sorry for going of topic new the site and football manager
  10. hi lads i am currently doing an Arsenal save how do i show my screenshots please. also off topic i know sorry my players attributes have changed to bars instead numbers can you help me out please
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