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  1. Tactic screen doing that incredibly annoying thing where Columns at the end disappear when you resize. This bug was fixed by a previous patch but now is back....
  2. Do you have to start a new game for the new premier league tv deal cash to take effect?
  3. Players now tire much more in matches.. My CB was on 58% at the end of the game!
  4. Steam is set to online, but it isn't updating my game. Still says 15.2.1?
  5. Yep, never heard anything about it after that.. Did get a new stadium named after me though
  6. One from my Inter save. 29 international goals and almost 50 caps by 22 years of age isn't bad going! ..and a few others:
  7. Cost £35.5m from Fluminese in 2017/18. Cost £7.5m from Roma in 2016/17. Still only 20... Cost £11m from Cruzeiro in 2019/20. Still only 20... Cost £30.5m from Atletico Mineiro in 2017/18 All found by my scouts.
  8. Yes, as i said, don't come on that often. Good work.
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