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  1. It does makes subs. It only doesn't if you select a matchplan, like 'go for big win' ect.. This will be the same for all instant result skins on the full simulation game ON FM14, and is the same on FM15.
  2. Realism is Real and Barca sacking managers when they don't deliver.
  3. What a silly reply.. I know it's not real. Aren't we striving for at least some realism though? The whole footballing world knows how harsh Madrid are on managers. Real AREN'T patient.
  4. Yeah but he won the CL.. OK, you tell me then when a Barca manager last spent 6 years there and didn't win the league? Or when a Madrid manager was there 3 years without a title? Mourinho was the last to do 3 years (rare in itself) but won the league and cup in that time.. In 20 odd years there's only been 2 mangers that have done 3 years..
  5. This is the final la liga table in 2020. Barca and Real mangers keep their jobs?! This would simply never happen. Unbelievably after winning just the copa del rey and the Europa league in 6 seasons, Enrique is still at Barca. Real have made just one change, replacing Ancelotti with Conte 3 years previously.. Conte has won nothing in his 3 seasons at Real..
  6. 62 shots, 29 on target.. Bit of a freak really. We usually average around half that. We were also 5-1 down on aggregate at half time and went through with a 111th minute goal from Markovic.
  7. I started a new game with 15.3 playing as Liverpool. Gerrard won it first season with Messi runner up and Suarez third.. Injured Ronaldo not even amongst the front runners. Funny as I also have a seven season old Atletico Madrid save (pre 15.3) where I've won everything and never had a player win it for me despite our 6 la liga titles and 3 CL's.. In those 7 years either Messi or Ronaldo won it with Suarez picking up one. Crazy really as Real and Barca won nothing apart from the 1 season we finished second in the league..
  8. Opening post updated with v1.4 which will probably be the final version. Nothing major added in the final release, just a few bits and bobs fixed and tidied up.
  9. Tactic screen doing that incredibly annoying thing where Columns at the end disappear when you resize. This bug was fixed by a previous patch but now is back....
  10. Do you have to start a new game for the new premier league tv deal cash to take effect?
  11. Players now tire much more in matches.. My CB was on 58% at the end of the game!
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