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    Life-long Bolton fan - must have done something horribler in a previous life!

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  1. Right at the top left of my screen is a box giving me a shortcut hint. How do I get rid of this because it is right over the clock during the match
  2. ANybody any idea why my physion is now giving me my injury update in Spanish. Estimated time out is corret just the names of the injuries are in Spanish
  3. When you signed that 30 year old international centre back is his surname what you said to the rest of the league?
  4. I am playing with various downlaoded leagues in my database, game was fine last night and i am trying to resatrt a game tonight but it keeps crashing on the load screen. Could someone take a look at my crash dump file and see if they can find out which bit is causing the dump. I have uploaded to the FTP site ntfbolton1972_crashdumpstart
  5. I have a downloaded database and it tells me that English Counties Level Division 1 should be set to level 10 in the division rules but I can't see an option on how to do this.
  6. I have been playing a Japanese game as a division 2 saide and one of my opponents in one games had the surname Sakashita. He scored too so he wasn't!
  7. I have tried all the steps in the FAQ in the right order I have loaded the crash dump file under ntfbolton1972 Waitakere
  8. I have just had 3 crash dumps at the same day when I press continue. I have uploaded the file ntfbolton1972 crash on same day. The save is immediately before I press continue
  9. Started the beta with Arsenal and my DOF (Pntaleo Corvino) bought me Edinson Cavani for a total of £36 million although this was paid partly in instalments. He wasn't even on my transfer targets list. So they can do a good job
  10. Playing as Arsenal. 2 days ago I signed Anderon from manchester United for £4.2 million (still in pre-season) have not played a match since and he is unhappy aboutlack of first team football.
  11. No page 21 for me either. A few observations from my albeit limited play so far. 1. I have not personally seen many goals scored from crosses - i have seen one frm a corner in 3 games so far. 2. No high scoring games I have had two 1-1 draws and a 1-0 defeat. 3. I agree that goalkeepers seem like they might as well be playing with no hands/arms. 4. Too many shots from tight angles - none of which have yet gone in might I add. Other than that I have not noticed any of the other problems that others are having Apart from I have had 2 crash dumos but when I try to upload them theree is no crash dump folder! I am enjoying scouting, training (never really taken an interest before) and DOF seems to be doing some good and bad things. All in all if the goalkeeper/tight angles issue is sorted I think this will be a fantastic game
  12. All you complaining about this being wrong and that being wrong just be grateful you are actually playing. I have not even got my code yet from retailer
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