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  1. Okay the Verifying cache worked for me and it's started fine now Thanks anyway!
  2. I didn't copy anything over from the previous partition. I just ran Steam again and it had the FM 13 there in the library and I tried to launch it. Now I've done the "Verifiy Cache" and it's updating some files and completing installation. I'm hoping this works now
  3. Okay so I have my FM 13 installed on my PC. But that was a Windows 7 professional and I installed Windows 7 Ultimate on another paritition on a different hard drive. Now when I started the new version of my windows and I try to play FM , it launches in steam and then says "Serious Error Occurred" and it closes. Is this because it's also installed on the other partition? Do I need to deactivate that or something and then play it on my new paritition? I'm not sure what to do right now. Any help would be really useful!
  4. And the FM07 skin was way way way better than the 08 and 09 skins
  5. And yes i loved 08 too but now that i have gone back to 07 i realized it was better than 08. I had my most addictive and long saves on 07
  6. Just playing a game on 07. United at Goodison. The screen is so big Not at all cluttered up with unnecessary items. FM07>FM08>FM09
  7. And yes the FM 07 dots are even better than the 08 ones It's so much more fun watching dots than 3D. Initially 3d ws fun but it just got monotonous soon. 2D IMO will never get boring.
  8. Erratic. I love the way they celebrate all running off in random places
  9. Haha you can't have everything crossed No i'm not trying Peter Evo's mod. Im back to FM 07 and it is indeed bliss . Playing with the latest update and watching the dots in their full blown erratic glory is the single greatest feeling i have had since FM 09 came out. Besides the processing time is a bit too slow on my PC so i gave up on FM 09 a long back. THat's why im backing and hoping for a Non 3D version of Fm 2010 so i can play it on my PC again with the same speed as FM 08 used to work
  10. And btw i havnt been following this thread from the start and don't want to go through the entire thread again so can someone tell me what n the world is Parslow! It's driving me mad!
  11. I hope for FM2010 they come out with a 3D and a Non 3D option or maybe in installation they can give us a option to install with or without 3d because i have no problem playing 2D but even that is miserably slow on FM09. I had posted this in some other thread. SO yeah is there any chance we could have 3D and Non 3d version for FM 2010?
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