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  1. Serious Error occured

    Okay the Verifying cache worked for me and it's started fine now Thanks anyway!
  2. Serious Error occured

    I didn't copy anything over from the previous partition. I just ran Steam again and it had the FM 13 there in the library and I tried to launch it. Now I've done the "Verifiy Cache" and it's updating some files and completing installation. I'm hoping this works now
  3. Okay so I have my FM 13 installed on my PC. But that was a Windows 7 professional and I installed Windows 7 Ultimate on another paritition on a different hard drive. Now when I started the new version of my windows and I try to play FM , it launches in steam and then says "Serious Error Occurred" and it closes. Is this because it's also installed on the other partition? Do I need to deactivate that or something and then play it on my new paritition? I'm not sure what to do right now. Any help would be really useful!
  4. Ronaldo Signs For Chelsea.. :O

    The transfer system is a joke. It's way too easy for players to get unhappy and get sold for peanuts. Absolute joke.
  5. Sorry but not matter how we look at it the transfer system is mindblowingly bad this time. Sure we're given the reason that the fees are low because players are unhappy. But why on earth is it so easy to get players to be unhappy?! SI need to strike a balance between hugely inflated transfer fees and the ridiculous bargains in this years version. As someone said United were offering Valencia for FREE! And even more shockingly no one even bid. I like the game this time but the transfer system is massively flawed. Players like Dzelko,Modric, Bale and Higuain would never go for under 15m no matter how unhappy they might be unless their in the last year of their contract and even then clubs could possibly get more than that!
  6. It's 3:58 AM here in India. Talk about dedication
  7. Was on Twitter : After midnight this link will take you to a FREE, EXCLUSIVE demo of Football Manager 2011 from MirrorFootball.co.uk http://bit.ly/9z6pcE Links been taken down now though
  8. Can I retire a number?

    Even Moore's number at West Ham is retired.
  9. Well I remember selling Messi and Ronaldo for a combined $310m to Barca back in FM 08. Such deals are worth accepting. You can buy better. ANd plus it's more of a challenge to sell your best players and still try to win.
  10. Best FM?

    Yup. 07 was the best game we had. Been downhill since.
  11. The year 2074

    What were Rooney, Messi and Ronaldo's career paths?
  12. Best FM?

    FM 2007 was definitely the most fun. Absolutely loved that game. Spent a lot of time on FM 05, 06 and 08 as well. 09 and 10 have been slightly disappointing and less obsessive for me.
  13. Select your team. Tick on "use selected team whenever possible" Then click on start match. And when the pre match odds and all come that time go on holiday. Ass Man usually follows my orders then.
  14. Dam I had longer injury time that the 11 mins due to a long long injury but I don't have FM 08 with me anymore
  15. Well I have an i3 and it runs beautifully with loads and loads of leagues and huge databases selected