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  1. Hi Uncle Sam, sorry to bring up this old post but am having major trouble with this and just wondered if I might be able to ask how you did this? I've removed the 3d kits folder and they're still appearing - it's driving me mad.
  2. Would agree entirely with this, I have had a similar idea in a separate thread. My thought called this the 'Training Pitch' - implemented as part of the training system it lets you set your tactics, strategy and role up on the training pitch (as would happen in real life) and run simulations that visually shows the effects of the changes you make to your tactic. So for example if you change your central defenders role, you would get a visual indication of whether the change has made a positive or negative impact to your shape or created gaps that the opposition can exploit. It would also give you the opportunity away from the pressure of a match to try out different roles in your system (again as with real life) and watch how they might react. The advantage of this is that for people like me who aren't tactical masters is it gives you an opportunity to learn systems and establish why your team is plays the way it does. The biggest thing FM is lacking for new or less able players is feedback to help you improve and develop in your own right within the game, you end up having to rely on forums rather than being able to make things better yourself (unlike other games I never feel like I'm making any progression or improvement to my own abilities). If you compare it to a game like Street Fighter IV (which can also be overwhelming at times), you're given tools like practice modes in order to improve your abilities and learn special moves, combos etc away from the main game to try and improve. FM drops you in the deep end and says 'look it's difficult, just deal with it'.
  3. A couple of years ago I bought the game for my father in law; he was a complete novice at FM but a massive football fan. After a month of trying (and desperately wanting to like the game) he gave up as he felt that despite over 50 years as a football fan, he had no clue how to use the tactical system to make a team work cohesively. I printed guides out from this website for him, but at 67 it was all too much to for him to try and digest and make work, so he ended up saying thanks but no thanks to FM. Back in 1996 when I played the game for the first time, I was just starting out as a football fan after Euro 96 and my knowledge was still developing; despite this I was able to pick up the game with limited know how about football tactics and play and enjoy it. Which leads me to my point, I think giving options like FM Classic, Handheld and giving responsibilities to your assistant manager are great, but I actually think they need to go a step further and introduce ways that new or less confident players can actually develop their knowledge and skills in game and feel like they’re learning the details of the way the game interprets football tactics and strategy rather than being dropped in the deep end with very little guidance. I’ve read and read the explanations of fluidity, player roles etc, but aside from the match screen when you’ve had to commit to your tactics, as far as I can see there’s no way pre match to view a clear representation of the changes you make and the results they may have. For example, if I change the role of my defenders on the tactics screen the shirt icon moves backwards or forward a bit, but it doesn’t give me (as not a tactical master) any real feedback of the positives and negatives of what I’ve just done and why it’s a good or bad idea. In reality managers and coaches will work with their team on the training pitch before matches when setting up their tactics and strategies to evaluate options and look for potential gaps and problems and a representation of this is what is lacking in FM’s tactical system. For me the option to setup a tactic, then run a simulation on the ‘training pitch’ that gave me clear visual feedback that highlighted potential areas of space that the opposition can exploit and indicated areas where an alternative player role would be better suited to one of my squad would be absolutely perfect (the difference between an AMC and AMRLC I follow, but a Trequiesta over an Enganche and why one is better than the other and you’re beginning to lose me). This way, not only isn’t the reality of the game broken by adding difficultly levels but I’m also being taught the how the various relationships between my tactics and players on the pitch should work. As with the reality of football I don’t expect to win every single game (because where’s the challenge there?), but I at least want to be able to understand why the match went the way it did and what potential changes I can make to change things next time out. Like many people I’ve bought the game for so long for fun and escapism; but when the fun element is fading because yet again the tactic you painstakingly spent hours on forums researching, setting up and testing gives you a couple of decent results then starts causing you to lose 5-1 with little feedback, it’s difficult to keep justifying the time sink to yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I love FM and I’ve heard the arguments that it’s meant to be difficult, all I’m saying is the game could do with looking at ways it can be more accessible to people whilst not alienating that core experience for those who are already adept tactical masters. For me the training pitch idea is something that can act as a tool to help players who need something to help them get better, and be used by the tacticians (or ignored if they want to) to hone what they do.
  4. I sympathise completely OP; FM 2015 is the first since FM 2008 I've put any real time into. For me 2008 was the last year before feature-creep started appearing in the series and everything became just that bit more complicated to do when you don't have acres of time or a degree in the nuances of football tactics to find success. Every year I'd buy the new game, struggle to find my way around, get beaten extensively by the CPU with tactics that worked for me in the past, lose heart then give up and go back to FM 2008. Over the past few years I was able to keep that game relatively up to date by copying the stats from the current game (as well as adding in young players, manager changes etc) and playing that way. 2008 had the right balance of time sink and complexity for my needs. Then late last year I started watching the Youtube channels of Work the Space and Statistical Approach and their long term FM saves - it wet my appetite enough to give FM 2015 a go and I have to say I'm starting to enjoy things again. Whilst I'm still no tactical genius, watching people who seem to be getting success (and copying their formations, strategies and approaches) has made the game playable again for me and I'm currently playing a reasonable save with Preston. Am going to persevere for awhile with it and see how things go and have plans to try a couple of other clubs too. If things don't go well in future, I'll fall back to my warm comfort blanket of 2008. If you get the chance, take a look at those Youtube channels I mention and check out their saves (especially Statistical Approach's Stamford Struggle series and Celtic: Passage to the Premiership - both great to follow).
  5. I'd love this too, your skin is by far my favourite but I struggle to look at it for long periods of time. Hope you manage to get this out at some stage!
  6. FM08 - still play and try to keep the database up to date to this day...
  7. It's only a little thing, but make it so the editor when windowed can be resized/scaled horizontally again. The FM 2014 editor let you do this, which was great because I use it a lot on my laptop and like to have half the screen as my editor, the other half as another window like Youtube. The Fm 2015 editor only lets you resize it horizontally to a certain point before you can't make it any smaller. When you're using a smaller screen size like a laptop it takes up most of the space. I'm guessing in a minority with this request but it would make using it SO much better again!
  8. I've never stopped playing FM08! Hope you enjoy FM07 once you get it working, much prefer the 'simpler' times of those releases. 08 is my favourite from the franchise and has the right balance of speed and difficulty for me. I keep my custom database as up to date as I can and it keeps the game relatively fresh so I can keep coming back to it.
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