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  1. Any word on when there'll be a fix and if the fix will work within a save? I'd very much like Maxime Caqueret to be more than furniture for the 2nd half of my season.
  2. Second season, now in the English Championship after winning League One. Coventry were taken over by a new owner. As part of the process he made offers for 2 players and dealt with the contract negotiations. One signed and the other rejected. Now in my review the board are upset about the finances involved in signing a guy that they signed. A deal I couldn't cancel or participate in. Couldn't even tell them I was peeved at my wage structure being knocked all to hell either. Obviously it's not going to give me much issue, but it is a bug, not to mention my damn A+ is now an A- which is mildly irritating
  3. Can we have an option to reduce the involvement of the media? It is beyond tedious having to sit and click through these dull and repetitive interactions. And no, you can't just have the assistant take over, because there's every chance that he upsets a player with his answer. Being able to reduce it to one conference per week would be a much welcomed addition. I wish you guys would remember that this is a game. It's meant to be FUN and not represent the tedium that managers in real life have to endure.
  4. I've experienced this a few times in my Man Utd save. In post match press conferences the press ask questions that are factually incorrect. In the first instance they asked me if I'd keep playing James Maddison as a ball winning midfielder when I have always played him behind the striker as an attacking midfielder. Much earlier in the season he'd played as a deep lying playmaker, but that was over 20 games in the past. Another example was outright saying that a loss in the next match could see my team drop out of continental qualification when I am 9 points clear and 2nd place has no games in hand. The whole media experience is awful. With cup, league and Europe you can end up answering the same questions multiple times per week in multiple elongated conferences, then on top of that you have multiple individual questions that randomly crop up along with the rest of the stuff you have to click past to actually get to the core game. It is oppressively tedious.
  5. Long story short, nope. The message is long gone now. It occurred mid season in league one where I was high in the league (would have been top without the deduction) and I'm now early in season 2 in the Championship.
  6. Can we have a little guide come up when you hover over a staff member or job title so that we can see exactly what each staff member does and what teams they can coach? Previously a Head of Youth Development would be in the 1st team coaching pool, but this hasn't been the case for a game or 2. Same for U23's being in the senior coaching pool. Being able to see a title and see exactly what they can do would be good. I've no idea what a technical director does and there doesn't seem to be a way to find out.
  7. I've been told/asked about my season not going to plan or that I'm not doing well when I have Bolton mid table after only 20 games, undefeated in 13 games and both the fans and board are happy. This has only happened twice, but it's not reflective of a team that's on a long run of good form and performing very well on a start that involved a 12pt deduction and poor finances.
  8. I have to disagree with both of you. I wouldn't say the game has been dumbed down because in this version it is a lot harder to win games. I would say that the tactics have been majorly dumbed down though. Having sliders and shouts allows much more finesse where as having the shouts with the 2 pull down menus of shapes and mentalities is a little over simplistic. I mean "attacking", "control" and "overload" allow a certain amount of control combined with the shouts but, if you had a few sliders for passing, pressing, attack/defence it'd be much more complicated and you'd have to pay a lot of attention in order to make things cohesive. And it wouldn't be removing realism because as a manager you'd be talking things through with your players. Yeah you'd say all of the things in the shouts, but in terms of mentality you wouldn't just say "attack", you'd say something like "when we have the ball i want everyone pushed up the pitch and moving around in the final third. Defenders, make sure there's always at least 3 of you on the half way line when we're up and look to close anyone down rather than retreat if we lose the ball." So that'd be a high attacking mentality which could be represented better with sliders IMO. You mentioned tactic masters which really twigged something in me because EVERY year there is a specific formation that just works. Back in the day when Kallstrom was THE purchase it was a flat 3 with 2 wing backs, 2 in the middle and 1 behind 2 strikers. 4-4-2 worked for a bit and recently it's been a flat 4 with a lone striker and some variations on the midfield 5. This year it seems as if an aggressive 4-4-2 works the best (with high inside forwards and an attacking short passing and patient mentality)
  9. Well firstly, it's not just one. I've replayed quite a few games against big, little and small teams and the pattern is much the same. As for your take on things, if you look at the results there's not any real consistency. It basically says either team could win that game because it's pretty much an even split in terms of the results. What you should expect is that there'd be a clear mark of one team winning more games and the scores staying relatively similar. Your coding thing is true and i do think folk might expect too much, but as this is just coding you'd expect consistency in said coding.
  10. But it's not a replay, it's, well, essentially a bit of time travel. Obviously you can't expect the same result every game, but you would expect a low swing so you'd get something like 1-0 1-0 1-2 2-2 3-1 2-2 0-1 2-0 but what happens has been along the lines of 2-0 2-1 2-1 0-6 3-2 5-1 1-1 2-3 4-6 0-1 1-3. It's all over the place and those destructions are pretty worrying.
  11. I thought that about a few things, but it's creeping steadily into console games. The FM cheats are a bit daft though, well, folk buying em are. I mean there's more than one that you can do yourself by simply fiddling with the editor or taking over man city and selling them some nobody for £50m then retiring.
  12. I think you can turn it off by going into the cheats menu and paying real money for a patch that turns it off. There's a bunch of bollocks like this that seems to have spread over here like a virus from the mobile gaming world. I'm just waiting for SI to start charging us for each league.
  13. http://talksport.com/magazine/features/130317/54-funniest-footballer-names-history-193591
  14. That's such aggro nonsense. You're beating down on the guy (granted, he's not covering himself in glory) without actually offering any help. He's not the only one that's noticed the game has a lot of issues when it comes to shots to goals. I have about 70-80% cohesion, fantastic morale and excellent players and yet there's a large number of games that're coming out with really stupid stats. Huge amounts of posession and shots and winning 1-0, 2-0, 2-1 or low score/no score draws. Plenty of CCC's missed too with players with excellent stats. I'd also argue that the game is a lot harder. In past versions you could more or less coast along with the same tactics and win as long as you had a good team. Now it's a matter of having to constantly twiddle with individuals and the team in order to pick up the W. I'd also say that you can still more or less predict the outcome of a match as there seems to be pre-programmed outcomes.
  15. I think it depends on clauses. Have you tried offering what the AI have offered and then clicking "suggest terms"? Usually if you come close enough they'll reply with a counter offer or they'll tell you they don't want to respond straight away. If that's the case and they reject then up your offer with some clauses. Slapping 2.5m after 50 games and 1m after 10 internationals along with 10% of the next sale usually works.
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