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  1. 1) improved set piece training - where you can specify specific moves for specific frre kick areas and corners in a windowed mode, the move you dedicate your training to set pieces the better they get at the corners with only your dedicated set piece takers improving their taking ability. 2) beta testing extensively before proper research on player attributes is done so that the basics work when the game is released and also would discourage most from copying the game 3) more back room interaction with players, i don't want to do every little thing through the media, i would like to deal with my players on a personal basis rather then moaning to the times about form. 4) Setting up systems of play for a club such as at arsenal where you can tell the team to keep the ball on the floor as much as possible and this would go on to affect the development of your youngsters as it is easy to get them using an aerial threat but its difficult to stop your defenders playing long balls without having them play useless passes between each other. 5) Improved retraining of players relative to their stats. I don't mind having a striker come through my academy with 5 finishing but i would like to be able to retrain them as naturals is a positon that suits them better with their ability in the original position dropping. Also would like to see positional ability dropping for players like Henry who used to play as a wing but is a natural forward and as such his ability as a winger has dropped over the years.
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