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  1. Mart

    The Guild Wars 2 Thread

    Anyone else having problems logging in today?
  2. Mart

    Battlefield 3

    That's my problem. i can not distinguish between the orange and the green.
  3. Mart

    Battlefield 3

    Is there any kind of colour blind option in the game? I have to remove myself from any squad because the squad members and enemies are the same colour. Kind of sucks really.
  4. Going to have to pick this up tomorrow. £34.70 in Tesco for 360 and PS3.
  5. Any news on the supermarkets doing a reduced opening weekend price?
  6. Mart

    L.A Noire - May 20th - It's the Cops time!

    Ah. Mine was still sealed, in fact it hadnt left the boot of my car.
  7. Mart

    L.A Noire - May 20th - It's the Cops time!

    Wasn't even mentioned. She just handed me back my money and receipt.
  8. Mart

    L.A Noire - May 20th - It's the Cops time!

    Buy it with a top 20 chart game. Go back to shop and return the 'top 20 chart game' for a full refund. LA Noire for £25. That's what i have done anyway.
  9. Mart

    L.A Noire - May 20th - It's the Cops time!

    Not in my tesco you can't. Just tried.
  10. Mart

    My mother has breast cancer

    Very good news.
  11. Mart

    My mother has breast cancer

    That’s horrible news for you; I went through this with my girlfriend around this time year so I can only give you my experiences as I found them. If caught early it is fully treatable and a full recovery can be made. They will check to see if its spread to the lymph nodes, we were fortunate and it hadn’t and a lumpectomy was needed rather than a mastectomy. Hopefully for your mum it will be same; do you know how long she has had the lump for? There is no point sugar coating it, the chemo is fecking awful, it will be tough on all of you. Just make sure someone can go with your mum for every appointment/session. Unfortunately she will be very ill, tired and it gets progressively worse as the sessions go on but when you come out the other side it will all be worthwhile. The radiotherapy will follow which will seem like a breeze compared to the chemo. Just little things like helping with chores around the house can make a big difference. I’m not sure if your mum works? She may want to carry on working (if possible) as much as possible to keep her mind on other things. One of the things my gf found most distressing was losing her hair, my advice to you/your mum would be when it starts to fall out (99% certain it will) is too shave it down, it may seem a bit extreme but it will be far more distressing to see it fall out in clumps every day. You can get some very good hair pieces or wear bandanas (I spent a fortune on those; I found a very good site for these). It still upsets her now and it’s not growing back as fast as she would like it too. I wouldn’t try and look it up too much on the net because some site are frigging scary and put the fear of god into you. I only used sites such as Cancer Research and Macmillan. More and more women beat this now and it helps to concentrate of the success stories rather than the unfortunate ones. We finished treatment in October and had first mammogram in January, it was all clear but we still have a way to go. The body doesn’t fully recover from the surgery, chemo and radiotherapy until about a year has passed. It’s a long slog but be positive and I’m convinced that’s half the battle won. My gf was so determined to beat it and that it does really help. I really do feel for you; if you need to speak to someone still trying to get through this then let me know. Or if you need professional help then get it, some very good advice lines out there. All you want to hear right now is someone telling you everything will be ok; unfortunately no one can guarantee that right now but stay positive. As I said these are my experiences.
  12. Mart

    Childhood crazes.

    Spokey Dokeys
  13. Like the sound of this. i have a Stars account but havent played for so loog ive no idea of my details, will try and dig them out. I think the 7pm starts will be too early for but im happy with the low buy-ins, i only play micro staked anyway.
  14. Mart

    2010, Good Riddance!

    Without doubt the worst year of my life, maybe i have been lucky in my life so far but: Girlfriend diagnosed with breast cancer in February, then the lumpectomy, then the chemo and radiotherapy. Not pleasent at all. Dad died of lung cancer in July. So yeah i have had better years.
  15. i wonder if there is any chance this could be reduced for release day in supermarkets, like last year.