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  1. Starting to get the movement I'm looking for now I'm running with a TM (attack) and an AM also on attack. The IW (a) is causing havoc. The TM stays central which is what I was looking for, holding it up for the AM to run into the area. We have lost some defensive solidity as you might imagine with those 3 on attack duties so that's something to address.
  2. Will let you know how I get on, we've surged up the table now in 6th with 4 games to go so the squad is overachieving considering we were predicted 18th. Really good shout for the play offs to the Championship. Just grinding out clean sheets for fun, some of the defending is really heroic has to be seen to be believed. Bodies on the line stuff. Even in the current setup we're good for 1 or maybe 2 goals on a good day just frustrating to see the breakdown. Better quality players with relevant PPMs may address that.
  3. Never played 5 but played 4 in a 4132, very solid across the middle. One of the strikers dropped back to the AM position so in effect creating 5. Was a good formation but vulnerable on the flanks at times. Use of 2 carilleros on the wide sides of the 3 are key with high work rates to negate the exposed flanks.
  4. I get what you're saying although I tend to lower the mentality to reduce the risk as I often found when moving up the leagues that my players just spam the ball forward and don't have either the technique or decision/mental side to pick the right option. Often they just give the ball away to the oppo. Obviously if I'm chasing the game I may increase the risk in accordance with shape and roles (I'm still playing 18).
  5. First of all, thanks your message and detailed advice. Much appreciated. The AM with roam and poacher moving into channels I've seen has potential, we're definitely getting more possession in the oppo's half. I'm still not quite seeing the movement I wanted in the OP. The IW again, I like that he's offering an option in more central areas and stays out wide when he has to but Hinchcliffe there is left foot only so not a natural at cutting inside. We have forward thinking FBs and WBs so the squad I have can definitely have a dynamic left flank. I'm thinking that I might make the IW on the right flank as I have a guy who can use both feet there although he's more a central midfielder but can play there. Interested why you mention the FB to sit narrower? Some good tips but while we have more presence in the final third we're not really creating more chances than before and/or having 'better' shots on goal. Maybe the team shape could be tweaked? Still averaging out around 13 a game with 3 or 4 on target. Interesting to see the AI playing 4231 more against me and that's definitely a more dangerous formation to play against mine although we're still keeping loads of clean sheets.
  6. You'll find that when you step up a level the players are better and you'll get punished much more, they find space better, the quality is just higher. Take it in consideration that the way you play isn't new so you have to adapt. I generally do go down mentalities whenever I get promoted and see how it goes. Bearing in mind on paper you'll be weaker than most, it pays to be a little more cautious. I often have to make significant alterations to the tactics I used in a promotion season. I don't recommend a specific shape or mentality, watch the games on at least comprehensive to find out if you need to alter the shape. Also look at the team reports and find out where you're strong and weak (incl. attributes) and prepare for matches with that in mind. Couple of astute purchases in key areas will also do no harm.
  7. Yes I do want us to build from the back and work our way to the area, I want us to keep hold of the ball but go direct when the opportunity presents, i.e when Tanner is hanging on the shoulder and a ball over the top slips him in. I'm getting the control I want just not the dynamism and movement I sometimes play on control against weaker teams but I'm just not getting the movement from the AM and striker, we're not good when the ball heads up to the edge of the area. They don't link up well enough and my AM consistently gets 6.5 and 6.6, he gets the ball but makes no significant contributions. My WM (s) My AM My SV My striker Winger (s)
  8. I'm still playing FM 18 so not sure if this is the right place, feel free to move my thread if that's the case. I'm playing as Maidstone in L1, I've taken them all the way from surviving relegation in the National League to two championships later and we find ourselves top half in L1. We got there by playing 4132 but stepping up to this league we got found out and got easily exposed time and again out wide, getting punished off crosses and finding ourselves just outside the relegation zone. I was fed up with the defensive shambles, looked at how we can remain solid but still a threat going forward. I looked at the team report and we have some of the best passers in the league so I took inspiration from Cleon possession thread and made a new tactic, incorporating some of that advice but strengthening the flanks and remaining solid in the centre. We've achieved that and defensively this is an excellent setup, we do concede chances but a lot are pot shots from long range which I'm happy to face all day long. We've conceded 6 goals in 12 games and won 9 of them. Quite the turnaround, we were expected to fight relegation and we're 10th, 4 points off the play offs, I should be happy, right? Wrong. When we win it's usually 1-0, grinding our way through games. We have a very poor shots to shots on target ratio (around 30%). We average out at about 57% of the ball which I'm very happy with as I still want the odd direct ball and I ask full backs to provide that at times. We have height and devastating pace in Man U loanee Luke tanner to enable us to break, Hinchcliffe as winger support has pace to burn as well so I want to use that. Otherwise, my Segundo Valente McKenzie gets a lot of the ball, McTominany stays and screens the back 4 and the WM does a bit of everything. I like my midfield roles but the problems are as follows: The DLF support and AM (att) or SS just do not get in the box when I go forward, we often get the ball up to Tanner, he holds on to it then either plays it wide or spams a shot from long range going nowhere but wide. The movement isn't quite what I want and therefore don't create an awful lot of clear chances. I've tried different team shapes, fluid just brings everyone closer together, structured too far apart emphasising the gap between the DMs and the others. So I settled on flexible. I've got my SV on get further further forward as well as my left winger. It works on the SV, he gets closer to the box. I'm seeing what I want there. What I want to see in an attacking sense is: The AM acting on the edge of the area putting in through balls for the striker but also getting into the area as my winger darts to the byline and swinging crosses in. I've tried the AM (s) but he provides no support in the box. I want him to put through balls for Tanner but this doesn't happen. I've used AM (a), the guy there now has 'gets into the area' so he does that but when tanner gets the ball, he never plays him in. I've tried the SS role but he doesn't act as the hook and a presence in the box, he only does the latter. I think it's a question of roles and I'm not getting them right. I've tried Tanner as an AF but he moves into channels too much. Maybe it's the players? Tanner is a lethal finisher with height and pace but he's not a natural lone striker but is by far our most important player so I have to keep him in the side. Can anyone see anything obvious I haven't spotted? I'm chuffed with the solidity I've created but as we progress we must do better offensively. Any advice much appreciated.
  9. I'm struggling to turn around a bad run. 1 win in 13 and conceded 19 in last 6 away games. I'm Maidstone in L2, our squad is average to good in some areas for the level. We are 16th. I play a form of 4132. Roles and duties as follows: SK (de) FB (s) 2x CD (def) FB (att) DM - DLP (d) CM x 2 carillero, 1 x AP (att) 2 SC - poacher, DLF (a) Counter, structured Mixed passing. Play wider. Prevent GK distribution Don't get me wrong, we are pretty good going forward. Our FB (a) bombs forward and crosses for goals, the FB (s) occasionally making attacking forays. The AP is the main creator and the carilleros do this and that. The DLF (a) and poacher combine nicely. BUT defensively it's shoddy. Admittedly, my FBs don't have amazing defensive attributes and my centre halves have all the physical and technicals for the level but low on mentals. That might contribute. It's difficult to find upgrades at that level and we're not in an amazing financial position either. It's all about working better with what I have until someone affordable and better comes up. We get ripped apart out wide, either through FBs doubling up or wingers roaming into space with someone moving into that space to pulverise us. Or wingers just pinging balls in and the CBs **** themselves. As you might expect, the FB (a) is targeted by the AI but I'm reluctant to move him to FB (s) as his influence on the left is a vital offensive cog. Our carilleros have good teamwork, work rate, determination and do cover but not quite enough. So that's one concern. Another issue I've pinpointed is 4 attack duties in my side, especially the 2 forwards. I need to try and stop the AIs movements at source and I'm thinking that defence starts in attack but I'm worried we'd lose some of our strength which is in attack. I've tried DLF (s) and AF, same with a poacher and they just don't really link up. I do think I need one of my strikers to take on more defensive responsibilities to stop potential moves but ultimately we need to score goals to win games. A defensive forward may be the way forward, does an F9 contribute much defensively? It's my understanding he wouldn't, plus I don't have anyone to fill that role. Would a TM (s) do stuff defensively? With this formation, I do concede that the AI Will always target the flanks but I want to negate this as much as possible to make us more defensively solid. I don't really want to change formation. So the combinations up top, the 3 in CM and the full backs set up all need re-considering. Or maybe I haven't seen something in the team instructions. Cheers for any advice!
  10. Yes it is. If I drag players around to swap positions it doesn't do it. Only on the players list I can do that.
  11. This may have come up before, not sure, but anyway. I'm managing Maidstone, a mid sized National League club and just finished off the first season. Released a ton of players as I wanted to build my own squad, thought yeah they'll be loads of players fitting what I want who've been released in June. Looked at some leading National League players and squad players released from L2 clubs and they were asking for at least 2k, if not 3 or 4k p.w which is totally unrealistic for that level. Even squad players released by the likes of Bromley who are smaller than Maidstone were asking for at least 1k p.w. Mental. A few weeks after that the demands dropped a bit but that's well into July and you want the base of the squad in by then at least what with pre-season training and friendlies to play. Now I have some knowledge of budgets in that league being a Hartlepool fan (now playing in there, sadly) and most full time pros at that level are on about 500-700 quid p.w basic, or even less. Very few above 1000-1500 apart from at some of the sugar daddy clubs like Fylde, Eastleigh or Billericay. A couple of our players are on that money too but it's not the norm. Just wondering if that's a bug or if anyone else has had the same experience? Wages seem massively over-inflated. A non league player asking 4k p.w is laughable!
  12. Keeps coming up in my social feed that the fans moaning about a formation I've never once used in the game (4123 DM). A bit annoying as they keep saying I don't have a clue etc. I'm playing 4132 narrow and getting good results!
  13. There's a bug on the new FM Touch that won't allow you to swap players around on the tactics screen if you swap them by shirt. You can only swap them around if you drag players around on the team sheet as opposed to the shirts on the tactics layout which you could do on previous FMs.
  14. Excellent post and this was a tactic I was using in FM17. Started a save with Maidstone in the National League and trying to set up something similar with them. Looking at my players strengths and weaknesses, I have wb(s) on the left flank (good attacking option but has poor work rate so don’t trust him with an attack duty and on the right I have a wb(d). Solid defensively but not much cop going forward. Ahead of him the wb(d) I have the carillero in the 3 mids centre strata and above the wb(s) I have a cm (s) as he’s not capable of the carillero role. I used 2 cm(s) around an advanced playmaker on fm 17 and it was a solid set up rather than spectacular. What do you think the cm (s) lacks in this set up compared to the carillero? How would my wb(s) move with the cm(s)? Maybe an fb(a)?
  15. I must say in this version, there seems to be less clubs in huge financial turmoil. Basically what I'm curious to know is, what teams in the game have the poorest finances, have no wage/transfer budget to speak and very little room to change stuff around? Looking for a new save and joining a club on the brink of financial ruin sounds a challenge.
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