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  1. It could potentially but I'm not really having any issues, although I'm quite happy to sacrifice certain parts of the field to retain a significant defensive presence and like I say, we barely get any issues. This might be because we have a compact shape thus reducing space between the lines. How's your lone forward getting on? I'm really struggling with mine. Whatever I try, I just can't get him to click. He gets the lowest average ratings in the team and most of the chances fall to the widemen and the two CMs. I want him to be the main scorer but it just ain't happening for me.
  2. Really interesting thread bearing in mind I'm playing a very similar setup. I do tend to find we have more defensive solidity if we play a half back in the DM role. Particularly in away games. He gets high ratings as well as he has the brings the ball out of defence trait. This makes 3 centre halves when out of possession and has the added bonus of pushing the WBs or FBs higher to mount attacks when we get the ball back. I only play a low or mid block so we regroup (although I untick both counter press and regroup and leave it unchecked) and we are barely troubled down the centr
  3. I generally find that 2 conventional forwards doesn't lend itself to posesssion based approaches as invariably at least one of them won't be involved in the build up that much. Personally 3 or even 4 man central midfielders do the trick much more. 4411 is a better setup than 442 for posession based systems, I've had a lot of success using a wide playmaker with an overlapping full back. A striker that drops off and an AM or SS making runs into the area. Defensively it is also much stronger than a 442, at least in my experience. With the 433 DM you made, I'd agree largely with other posters
  4. Your primary tactic will get torn to shreds I'm afraid. Defensively you're playing a high line in a top heavy formation, with a counter press, plus with the roles you set, there will be huge gaps between the defence and midfield. You also have no one holding position in the middle. You will get buggered by balls over the top and your flanks are massively exposed. Your basically asking a 6th tier team to hurry, play extremely aggressively but yet you want to frequently waste time!? That one needs to go back to the drawing board I'd say. Secondary - I understand the formation but
  5. Well just returning to this topic, we're now a top 3 side but still comfortably off Dynamo and Shakhtar's level. I'm relatively happy with how the tactic plays out. We are generally good at the back and do create chances but I'm having problems with my striker. Here's my man He is much less involved in the game than my IW and IF. Now his passing stats aren't great but his technique and movement is very good and he is overall an excellent prospect. I have DLF attack as I want him to drop a little deeper in transition but be ready to attack the box when the ball goes w
  6. Hi, don't know if it's a bug or it's just the way it's designed but I'm not overly happy with accessing performance stats at half time or FT during games. If I want to see the player stats or analytical stats I can't if I go to the tactics screen first. I have to look at player statistics first then on to tactics, I can't switch between the two. Is this a design flaw or is there a way round it with widgets or what not? Anybody got any tips? I want to be able to click through different tools at will and not have to follow an order for me to see the team's performance.
  7. Completely disagree I'm getting much more out of lower LOE and standard D line. I even do lower D line and much lower LOE against better sides and I'm winning games against them. So it's not broke in any way
  8. Well thanks all for the help. I played the following season and it was a real mixed bag. I moved to a more counter based 442 system that initally worked really well, the two up top a constant threat but defensive lapses galore crept in, a small squad on a limited budget were really stretched having qualified for the Europa League from the 2nd qualifying round which was a huge achievement. We even won our group (generous draw mind) and got to the 2nd knockout round, losing very bravely on penalties to Valencia in a one off tie at the Mestalla. Our run brought 6 million into
  9. I'm in the Europa League and all games are a Thursday night. After every round, I'm playing a Ukrainian League game on Saturday - it should be scheduled for Sundays. Moaning on like Jurgen Klopp but just wanted to point it out.
  10. Well we clung on for dear life to finish 5th in the league which gets you to Europa League qualifiers so as we were predicted 11th/16 it's obviously decent. You also have to bear we've had very little to spend, much less than our nearest challengers. I also won Ukrainian Manager of the Year beating the Shakhtar manager who led them to W25, D 5 L0 and stormed the league. This is a good challenge for anyone interested in something else. We were great before the winter break and bang average thereafter once the AI had sussed how to play against us. (W4 D5 L4). Most teams put a high bloc
  11. I did focus on the left as the ball magnets to the right with the WP and CM (s) so once it's there, do an aggressive switch to the left winger, he runs at the opposition and presents chances with my CF attacking the box, the SS rushing on and bang goal. I moved the defensive line to try and deal with balls over the top, has worked to some extent especially with the CD in cover. I agree there's quite a lot of space between the lines when probably this set up needs us more fluid and compact to get the kind of chances I want. I've been buying some pacier players as I'm thinking a more d
  12. I should be happy but I'm not. I'm with Chernomorets Odessa in the Ukrainian Premier League. I took them up last season as Champions and we are currently 5th and qualfying for Europe. We are predicted to finish mid table. Overall I should be pleased. But I'm frustrated that we're not higher up. I play a 4411 - we have great combinations, average out around 20 chances per game but do not create enough clear cut chances which puts us as the most profligate team in the league. The quality of my side is made up with a mix of decent and or good players for Ukrainian Premier League which would
  13. I love 4411 and have had success in the past. Pros - wonderful football and movement. Great for posssession and pressing based systems. Largely defensively solid Cons - playing higher lines make you vulnerable to balls over the top As you say AMs can cause havoc. Can be tricky to get the front 2 combo right. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I tend to go for a wide playmaker and a WB (a) overlapping behind. IW (a) is a cracking ro
  14. Are you Braintree as well? ive gone with a possession based 433 with a DLF Two IFs 2 B2B midfielders with a DLP in the DM strata. Attacking wing backs as well, working a treat. had to buy a few Spanish free agents and loads of loans before results got better though.
  15. Yeah it is a great game and it’s a challenge. Started unemployed and ended up at Braintree. Was struggling a lot in the VNS, bottom after 18 games, constantly trying to find a setup to win games and got one now. Took a lot of patience and experimentation. Not just about having great players as in previous iterations. The game has enough depth to keep you occupied for ages. a question or two if I can - 1) is there any way to see how long your injured players are out? Can’t find it anywhere? All I get is the notification how long he’s out but can’t review it later? 2) once players
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