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  1. Yes it is. If I drag players around to swap positions it doesn't do it. Only on the players list I can do that.
  2. This may have come up before, not sure, but anyway. I'm managing Maidstone, a mid sized National League club and just finished off the first season. Released a ton of players as I wanted to build my own squad, thought yeah they'll be loads of players fitting what I want who've been released in June. Looked at some leading National League players and squad players released from L2 clubs and they were asking for at least 2k, if not 3 or 4k p.w which is totally unrealistic for that level. Even squad players released by the likes of Bromley who are smaller than Maidstone were asking for at least 1k p.w. Mental. A few weeks after that the demands dropped a bit but that's well into July and you want the base of the squad in by then at least what with pre-season training and friendlies to play. Now I have some knowledge of budgets in that league being a Hartlepool fan (now playing in there, sadly) and most full time pros at that level are on about 500-700 quid p.w basic, or even less. Very few above 1000-1500 apart from at some of the sugar daddy clubs like Fylde, Eastleigh or Billericay. A couple of our players are on that money too but it's not the norm. Just wondering if that's a bug or if anyone else has had the same experience? Wages seem massively over-inflated. A non league player asking 4k p.w is laughable!
  3. Keeps coming up in my social feed that the fans moaning about a formation I've never once used in the game (4123 DM). A bit annoying as they keep saying I don't have a clue etc. I'm playing 4132 narrow and getting good results!
  4. There's a bug on the new FM Touch that won't allow you to swap players around on the tactics screen if you swap them by shirt. You can only swap them around if you drag players around on the team sheet as opposed to the shirts on the tactics layout which you could do on previous FMs.
  5. Excellent post and this was a tactic I was using in FM17. Started a save with Maidstone in the National League and trying to set up something similar with them. Looking at my players strengths and weaknesses, I have wb(s) on the left flank (good attacking option but has poor work rate so don’t trust him with an attack duty and on the right I have a wb(d). Solid defensively but not much cop going forward. Ahead of him the wb(d) I have the carillero in the 3 mids centre strata and above the wb(s) I have a cm (s) as he’s not capable of the carillero role. I used 2 cm(s) around an advanced playmaker on fm 17 and it was a solid set up rather than spectacular. What do you think the cm (s) lacks in this set up compared to the carillero? How would my wb(s) move with the cm(s)? Maybe an fb(a)?
  6. I must say in this version, there seems to be less clubs in huge financial turmoil. Basically what I'm curious to know is, what teams in the game have the poorest finances, have no wage/transfer budget to speak and very little room to change stuff around? Looking for a new save and joining a club on the brink of financial ruin sounds a challenge.
  7. Hello I'm running FM 17 with the very latest patch from Steam. I have an issue with the display in game that I just noticed today. It was working no problem until today. Basically the text is a bit fuzzy (you can see with the names on the squad screen) and the pointer is skewed meaning I can't click on what I want, I have to position the pointer above the item if I want to click on it. I have enclosed two screenshots of what I'm trying to say and the preferences screen. What can I do?
  8. Attacking or standard mentality, flexible, work ball into box, normal defensive line, close down more, lower tempo, prevent GK distribution, tight marking, short passing. The wing backs are my only wide players and the PIs they have are stay wider, close down less, tackle harder, mark tighter, as well as get further forward and cross more often. I play a narrow 3 in middle, expecting the B2Bs to join the AM (a), DLF (s) and CF (a) in offensive situations and defensively I want them to provide more cover for the flanks than they do. Maybe BWMs? However, that may take away the strength of the set up, which of course is goal scoring. My B2B midfielders have good teamwork and work rate stats as well as positioning. I've tried changing WB(s) to FB (s) and while sits deeper and reduces some of the space, When the AI have a full back bombing on as well as a winger on each flank, we're hopelessly caught out. We conceded as much as we score and it's bit annoying.
  9. I'm playing 433, which is going very well offensively but get gubbed on the flanks. We're being doubled up on every time and they have loads of space to whip in a simple ball which they often score from. My set up is 2x WB (s), 2 x CD (def), midfield comprised of two B2B midfielders on the right and left and a CM (d) holding in the centre. Basically, what I want to know is, what midfield roles will better cover the flanks? I thought the B2B might work but not enough. we get crucified on the flanks, especially when CPU plays 4231.
  10. So Franky, you asked for an update after I gave feedback. Well, my Coventry side (Premiership) currently sit 13th (only won 2 of first 10 games) but we've recovered using your tactic but I'm still getting bad defensive issues. The tactic is fully fluid. We have played 22 games using Hustler v3, with a couple of tweaks (hard tackling off, lower instead of very low tempo, narrow instead of very narrow, work ball into box) We have won 8, drawn 8 and lost 6. In 22 games we've scored 41 (very good) but we've conceded almost 2 a game, also 39. We've kept a grand total of TWO clean sheets! We have no answer at all when the CPU get in crossing positions, it's totally predictable. Especially when the CPU plays 4231, just get carved open time and again. We get doubled up on the flanks, when they counter there is acres of space on the flank (due to us being narrow), simple cross, forward ghosts in , goal, virtually every time. That's really the only type of goal the CPU scores apart from some worldies outside the box. There is just no cover on the flanks at all. I have two hard working B2B midfielders so they should be covering I've tried all the fixes, WB (s), I've even changed them to FB (a) or (s) and still nothing happening. I have average defenders, work rate, marking, teamwork, tackling for the Prem so the tactic is probably getting us where we should be with the players we have, BUT we always have to outscore the opposition as every time the CPU attack, it's like a knife through butter. I love how the tactic plays but we're too open for the counter and the flanks are a disaster. Any feedback?
  11. Downloaded this most recent version as was having no success with my recent self-made tactics. I've sadly broken my self-imposed ban on downloading other tactics but I had run out of ideas. I'm Coventry in the Premiership and we're doing really badly. We're 17th but I feel I have the players to be comfortably mid table. I've played 4 games with it, the tactic is getting familiar, admittedly not fully yet. We've won 1 (5-4!), drawn 2 (1-1, 3-3) and lost 1 (0-2) (we had a man sent off early on so that can be excused as we were very unlucky to lose otherwise). So my feedback is as follows: Positives We create good chances and score loads but admittedly waste a number of long range shots as we aren't good enough in that area. The tactic is producing some lovely football and the opposition can't live with the three up top combo Negatives The hard tackling is giving away far too many free kicks. We had 10 yellows and one sent off in my first game so I removed it. Hard tackling for centre halves is very risky in my opinion. The tactic is defensive suicide for my team. The above is what I need some suggestions with. We are getting ripped apart from through balls AND crosses. Opposition players are just ghosting into the area and my centre halves are nowhere near them. The quality of the attackers in the prem is frightening and they're scoring virtually every time. I can see what the AI are doing, whenever we go ahead they are doubling up on the flanks or moving the defensive line real high and creating a 3 on 2 situation with my centre halves. We get counter attacked brutally at times. Man marking? Difficult when most teams play a 4231 with fluid movement between the lines. I've tried the suggestions, wing backs on support - now this generally improves our defensive play, the computer creates a bit less but when it does we can't keep them out. Short passing again does make us a little more solid but we are so prone, the CPU only need one chance and they score meaning we always have to outscore them. My CBs can't mark to save their lives and the full backs are being doubled up on. The B2B midfielders are not covering sufficiently. I've tried going deeper but that invites even more pressure. I'm not really sure what to do. My defenders (admittedly very average at Prem level) are not picking any of them up, but they're not **** players but they defend pub league! I even tried moving the CM (d) to DM (d) and that isn't even working. Maybe a half back? God knows. My team have high ratings for work rate and teamwork and average for marking, tackling and positioning. Invest in better players? I'd like to, I have 50 million to spend but the team I have shouldn't be under performing this badly at the back. It's an embarrassment, you just know the AI are going to screw you and I'm out of inspiration! Any advice!?
  12. I've been playing a very similar system with Coventry in the Premiership (probably about as good as Ajax on FM) and while it went well at first, the second half of my season totally collapsed and we were picked apart with ease from crosses and weren't creating enough to persist with that formation. We only won 3 games in the 2nd half of the season and slipped from 6th at Christmas to finishing 14th. I've been having lots of issues with crosses with all my tactics and I'm looking at going with 3 at the back with wing backs. Still not going that great to be honest, the crosses problem is semi solved but balls over the top are killing us and we're still not creating enough. Very frustrating. Hoping we just don't get relegated next season when really we should be in the top half.
  13. Well after making some changes, including raising the defensive line, going to flexible instead of fluid, getting rid of run at defence, we became more solid and are currently in 8th (see pic) which you'd think is a great return to the Prem after 20 years outside. However, we've won only 1 in the last 10 and we're struggling at home a lot. Don't score much at all and need to create better chances against the lower teams who come here and defend in numbers. It hasn't helped that our main forward (pic 2) has been out most of the season and we've had no one to fill in the CF (s) role that was causing havoc early on in the season. We signed Mitrovic, who is a good target man and defensive forward but the latter role is doing nothing in home games but is effective away. I'm also disappointed in my Inside forwards who've been very inconsistent in terms of both creating chances and scoring. I've included my home set up I've used most of the season (433 pic 4) and a new version I'm trying out now with an RPM and raumdeuter (41221 pic 3). We're keeping much better control of games (played 2) with that but still not enough good chances created against lower sides and drawn both games 1-1. Anyone have any advice for this kind of setup? Maybe I'm a little impatient and expecting too much from my newly promoted side but performances have tailed off and we'll be lucky to finish top half now after a great first half to the season. Basically, I'm looking for my side to press high up the pitch, my CF (s) as an attacking focal point, dropping off slightly and the inside forwards/raumdeuter and B2B midfielder making runs ahead but we don't seem to have that telling ball or bit of nouse in movement, it's all nice and pretty but little real penetration. Is it the tactic or players? I have enough players rated as 'decent premiership player' but nobody who really stands out at that level. maybe I just need better quality players to carry out my desires in terms of how we're going to score goals or could it be the system that needs fine tuning? Any feedback is massively appreciated.
  14. Thanks lads some great tips. Been a bit busy with work lately but will give your ideas a try when I get round to playing again. Cheers once again.
  15. Hi everyone. I'm currently managing Coventry in the Premiership. I got us promoted easily the previous season and have played three matches so far in our maiden top flight season. We've had a tough start, Chelsea (h), Spurs (a) and West Ham (h), with Man utd (a) coming up. We drew 2-2 with Chelsea, beat Spurs away 3-2 late on (get in!) and lost 2-1 to West Ham. It's a decent return as all three finished in the top 6 last season. The squad is decent enough, overall from the team report, we should be looking at a lower half finish and that's what I'm looking for, if not higher really. I'd settle for survival, of course. We are predicted to finish 19th. I like to play a fluid pressing system, I guess I've adapted some pressing systems from here. We look great going forward, the CF (s) is the focal point with some great support from the IF (a) and IF (s) and the onrushing CM (a) who is a constant threat, the WB (a) also features prominently, pinging crosses in. We are good on the counter and when in possession in the final third. They're the positives. On the flipside, I know with this kind of formation makes us vulnerable on the flanks and we're really vulnerable to another side's counter. We look like conceding a lot and give up a number of chances. I feel that the two IFs don't give us any defensive coverage but I'm loathed to pull them back or change into wingers as I love our forward play at times. I just don't feel any of my midfield trio are helping out the flanks. I pulled the inside forwards back into the midfield as one defensive winger and one wide midfielder in the 2nd half against Spurs when we looked more solid, however we offered nothing going forward with really the only outlet being the lone forward who'd have to hold and hold and hold the ball up to get the support but at that level, he'd get closed down fast and attacks come to nothing. Basically, the AI when we lose the ball (which can be frequent) play it to the flanks immediately, with our wing backs one on one and exposed due to lack of cover. They then have crossing options or pass it centrally to create umpteen chances against our porous system. We are lucky to have Woodman as a 'keeper, he's kept us in every game so far and we're lucky to have only conceded 6 from 3 games. Part of the problem is our passing. Our centre backs have about 55% pass completion as they're just booting it into midfield or to my CF (s) who's good in the air but not that good, even though I've set them to play fewer risky passes, same as the keeper who in one game got 7% completed passes. The midfielders only average around 75% too. Basically I don't want us to keep going for the direct option. Maybe it's the system fluidity, I'm not sure, like I say I think it might be, but that fluidity helps us as a very stylish attacking unit. I want to us to play a dynamic short passing game, not tiki taka, I don't mind us going longer on occasion if the option is there but I do want us to get better possession stats (average around mid 40s) and pass completion which hovers around the 70% mark. Ideally I want us to be having over 50% possession and 75-80 for pass completion. I've attached the photos of my system and instructions. Let me know if you have any advice to shore up our flanks and pass it from the back better!