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  1. Yeah day times are better. It is in the back of your mind as you still haven't stopped playing it. Some people's brains release a lot of dopamine, more than other people, so looks like we're in it together.
  2. He was next to a mezzala (support) in a 4411 and it was a good change, much more solid! Good tips from people but in a weird quirk of fate or act of god, I accidentally saved over my game I have no previous version or backup so I've screwed myself.
  3. No it's not connected to the PC going into sleep mode! Does anyone have or has had sleeping issues associated with playing FM? I've been playing for many years and it's always been an addictive game that does take over my free time. Other more casual games, I have no sleep issues. Last year I stopped playing because I was literally getting an hour or two of sleep every night over a period of time. I wasn't actually staying up late, in fact I'd stop at 9pm to go to bed at 10pm to clear the mind, So as we're all on lockdown now, I couldn't help myself and loaded up my old save yesterday. I played about 3 or 4 hours over the course of the day, knew I'd probably regret it and I did. Bed by 10pm only to be consumed by thoughts of squad building and whether to turn my BWM to CM (def). Bit sad isn't it but there you go. It was a nightmare, I just couldn't get the game out of my head, ended up sleeping at 3am and top it all, my baby son decided to wake up an hourly early than usual so I got 2 hours sleep. Not directly saying 'FM causes disturbed sleep' as other immersive games will cause this in some people as well but I do want to play it. It's been a big part of my life for over 20 years and I want to find a place for it but not at the expense of my health. Does anyone have any experience with this or strategies to share?
  4. I have several good options for the cover, e.g quick and good mentals etc. The only thing is none of my 4 centre halves have particularly high bravery or aggression (think around 12 or 13 tops). I'm playing in La Liga. Would a not particularly aggressive type affect how much he'd come out and stop the danger?
  5. So let's say the AMC is dropping deep in some kind of support duty then you'd recommend not going with a stopper but if he's constantly trying to push into the area it may be an option if i've interpreted that correctly?
  6. Like 4411 or 442. So I have a CM s and a CM d in the MC strata but worried about the AIs AMC between the lines. Do you think a stopper would come out and close him down with the other CD on cover sweeping up behind?
  7. In 442 or variations of, would using a CD as a stopper compensate for the lack of a DM screen?
  8. My away struggles are putting our UCL spot at risk, in La Liga 70% of sides turn out a 4231 which can marmalise 442 or 4411 due to sheer numbers overwhelming a back 4 with no DM as cover. @herne79makes a very good point, a tactic is never one size fits all and why we need to think about principles and apply them but only to the squad we have. I initially went for 4123 to solve my struggles but there was no penetration at all upfront. My team is of similar quality to an Arsenal for example, not elite but very good. I went SK s IWB def CD def CD def IWB def DLP def/ANC IF s APs (roam) MEZ att IF S CF s/DFLs PROS - lots of possession, solid it at the back. CONS - Zero penetration upfront, lone forward way too isolated, long range pot shots due to no one breaking the lines. Why was this happening? I was happy with the possession and the movement until the final third. Why? Well we don't have the PIs to make that happen. I have players who can play IF but they don't readily come inside or go beyond. My cms don't have get forward or get into the area either and my no.9 doesn't have come deep to get the ball. The thinking of course was that the DLF would come deep, the MEZ going forward to support, the AP roaming around and while I saw that to an extent it really wasn't working. In summary, my squad isn't suited to that formation so you have to think of your own set up suiting the players you have. I have - great wingers, a hard working technical midfield, industrious full backs and clever front men and a great AMC in Anderson Talisca. 4411 gives us loads of penetration but in deeper lying formations we can't get the incision I require. So I'm looking at a 4141 away from home but again, penetration may be an issue. I'm choosing 4141 to combat the multitude of 4231s we come up against. SK s FB a BPD c CD def FB s or IWB Def HB WM s CM att MEZ s W att DLF s I want variation in attack - the FB att overlapping, CM att supprting the DLF, MEZ operating in the half spaces behind the winger and coming into the box for chances. The DLF holding it up and waiting for runners. In defence, to combat the wingers, the HB will tuck in and thus creating 3 CBs to deal with the wide threat, pushing the FBs to close down the winger. The WM will track back, The HB could be changed to an anchor to isolate lone strikers. If the AMR and AML are IFs, the IWB may be a better option to use. I'm a stickler for defensive solidity but also need a threat going forward. I'm wanting to stick to possession principles, dribble less but still have mixed passes and a normal (maybe higher) tempo (?) to get counters going and not be too one dimensional. High pressing, as I want us to control and be on front foot. So I'm still thinking of a fluid shape and possibly standard/balanced risk. No need to go too cautious as it's already a bottom heavy setup. Flexible might set up better for counters? Like I said, I want possession football but not for the sake of it, at least in away games where sides will have a go more. If anyone has read this far into my ramblings, am I on the right lines do you think?
  9. I'm able to get a great dynamic possession based game at home (using a number of principles from @herne79 ) where i really dominate teams. I don't create 25 chances, maybe around 15/16, but often win 3 or 4-0 with Sevilla in Spain. Barely concede a goal, play good football, around 60% possession and always feel in control of games. I play 4411 (FM 18) SK s FB a BPD c CD def IWB def WM s BWM def MEZ s W att T att F9 More closing down Slightly higher D line Fluid/standard Mixed passing Dribble less Work ball into box Prevent short GK I have a good team so mixed passing, I leave it to their decisions. Fluid helps keep the lines compact, press as a unit and have loads of passing options. I don't need to play any more risky than standard, in fact on more positive mentalities I feel we lose something. Loads of variety going forward. I have a problem away though, cannot control games using this system like I can at home.
  10. Well I only play touch on pc and it's a good game. Tactics and transfers is enough for me. It has the exact same match engine. As for the OP, it's definitely possible. I'm with Sevilla, we have no money and have to invest in youngsters. Upgrade your facilities, look at the coach report to see what division they're suited to and when they're 18, loan 'em out. You can create a path of succession in your squad which gives longevity to the game. The gripe is the tutoring thing, would love to do that, but at this moment in time just fill your squad with professional/determined types, get the right staff, play the loan system, give game time and it's still very doable.
  11. Would be nice to see how many days players have to reach EU citizenship (for example in Spain). I only knew by searching the internet. Choosing tutors would also be a nice addition
  12. I had the DLP d in CM before and there was just so much space in and behind so that's why I came up with the split. If I had him as a DLP in the DM strata but put him on support would he step in to that vacant area in front? Possibly might consider switching Walace to CM support so he doesn't roam around as much but he contributes a lot offensively from his BBM role. So the IWB on defend duty may act as the DM shield I think I need?
  13. My team isn't meeting expectations and I'm trying to arrest a persistent problem, which is conceding a lot of chances and thus goals. I've been playing a fluid 4411 set up. I'm Sevilla and the board are keen to push on to the UCL but we've finished 5th last 2 seasons and look like we will do again. This time I fear for my job, going deep into the Europa League has saved my arse. This time though feels different and looks like we're out of steam. Pros: Lots of chances created and loads of attacking threat from out wide and the middle. Very entertaining football. Compact unit moving and doing everything together. Relatively high press works well and results in a a lot of chances. Cons: Very susceptible to counters AMR and AML get in and behind our FBs time and again AMCs are able to find a lot of space. Playing against 4231s is a constant headache. So I've tried to address this by going with this: What's the thinking? The fluid shape is good for my team, I like the compactness and as I said we have good technical and mental qualities. Pressing is key to how we play and make chances. Mixed passing as I trust their decisions and don't mind us going more direct at times. From a defensive point of view I'm expecting: The DLP to cover the space in and behind, the WM(s) will help out on the right and cover for our FB (a). We have a winger on attack and apart from Mbappe, he's the best player in La Liga and is key to us, scores, assists and has a reasonable work rate. Now I can see a few issues: The DLP as he is in a slightly unorthodox DM position, isn't quite in line with where AMCs position themselves. If Restrepo goes on his marauding runs on the left and loses the ball, we have a lot of space in and behind. Wallace (the BBM) roams around a bit and could leave space in the MC area. The AM (a) and False 9 combo, while great going forward offer no real defensive input. The AM s role just loses our potency upfront and I've tried a defensive forward but his movement is jerky. So while I want solidity I don't want to compromise our strengths. This is where I've chosen an IWB (s) on the left. I've never used IWB before. What I want him to do is this: Cover both the flank and the space behind Walace as the BBM, thus creating some cover and effectively having 2 DMs. In an attacking sense he will help the build up in the middle but also release Restrepo on the left. Is my understanding correct? I played one game with this set up and we won 2-0 at Malaga, a clean sheet. It was a fairly dominant performance. Their dangerous right winger was nullified but the AMC was still getting a bit of joy. What I want to know, is my understanding of the IWB role correct? I've seen he gets on the ball a lot and is showing advanced wingers inside. I don't see the sense of having an IWB on the right as the DLP is already covering that area, am I right? I like experimenting with funky shapes, I take it the IWB is a good role to use to cover roaming MCs or DMs?? I know it's only FM Touch but it gives me all I need, just games and tactics and I enjoy that
  14. Do you think the AI then can immediately spot stuff that wouldn't occur to us human types? I don't see the AI change formation much in game but probably just role changes, this is where i'm crap. If we get attacked heavily down a flank, I'll try and shut it down, if it's balls over the top, i'll move the line back a notch. Never seems to make much difference and we do have quality players, there's only about 5 or 6 La Liga sides in my game I'd class a remotely acceptable for us to lose to. He probably just thinks hmmm i'll just change him from BTB to BWM or something funky that wouldn't occur to me.
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