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  1. Are you Braintree as well? ive gone with a possession based 433 with a DLF Two IFs 2 B2B midfielders with a DLP in the DM strata. Attacking wing backs as well, working a treat. had to buy a few Spanish free agents and loads of loans before results got better though.
  2. Yeah it is a great game and it’s a challenge. Started unemployed and ended up at Braintree. Was struggling a lot in the VNS, bottom after 18 games, constantly trying to find a setup to win games and got one now. Took a lot of patience and experimentation. Not just about having great players as in previous iterations. The game has enough depth to keep you occupied for ages. a question or two if I can - 1) is there any way to see how long your injured players are out? Can’t find it anywhere? All I get is the notification how long he’s out but can’t review it later? 2) once players
  3. @Marc Vaughan Just want to say I'm mightily impressed with the mobile version this year. The match engine is an improvement on last year and the features are a big step up. Great value for money so hats off all round for a great product. Only the issue with iPhone swiping but other than that, great job.
  4. How’s the match engine this time? On the last version there were just countless amounts of corners leading to nothing and wasn’t a lot of free flowing football from either me or the AI.
  5. Tried that and no the option to turn off attribute masking is not there at all. You can't even select the playable leagues etc within the country.
  6. Sorry I didn't phrase that very well. What I meant was is there an option to turn it off being starting a new save? All it has that I can see on the main menu is quick start and there seems to be no option in preferences or otherwise to turn it off. I just want to mess around on the game in the demo looking around etc.
  7. I'm playing the demo. Any way to turn off attribute masking? Really like the game so far, nice and slick.
  8. If I buy this for IOS and later switch to an Android phone, would I have to buy the game again?
  9. Good move with that cash to spend but the facilities are a big minus. I'd be looking to spend to go up, consolidate in the Prem and then improve the facilities. What set up are you using?
  10. That was one hell of a choke! Go for a bigger club next time with better facilities. Regret not taking the Lviv job?
  11. Jesus that prize money is a shocker. I notice that you loaded up all the other Eastern European leagues, are you able to get many on frees there? Was thinking about loading the Brazil leagues in the background as endless Brazilians go to Ukraine. Any work permit rules do you know? A matchday squad of 23 sounds excessive for the 2nd tier. Guess you mainly bulk that with youngsters? Either way, it'll be a massive challenge getting Chorno-Sinie back up with the big boys. Take it Shakhtar/Dinamo are splashing some cash at least in game?
  12. Unlucky mate. Interesting read. Thinking about doing an FM 21 save with Chernomorets. Big club with a lot of potential. Should be at the top end of the Prem competing with Dinamo and Shakhtar. Just wondering what the league rules (e.g. foreign players, loans etc) are for the Persha League and Prem. Could you do a screenshot? Can't find on the internet. Seems there's no money about, that true?
  13. Thanks for the reply. I'm thinking about running all the English leagues playable, Serie A and La Liga in the background and both playable Ukrainian leagues so about 10 leagues. Could mine handle that swiftly or would it be too demanding? Doesn't need to be super fast but don't want loads of slow down either.
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