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  1. Im currently 3 seasons into my Chelsea file and i've noticed an issue that keeps popping up that i cant explain. Lukaku is currently 18 games in with 29 goals and is playing great, but when i have a look on his stats page and click to take a look at his recent changes it shows me that the majority of his stats have dropped? Ive had this happen with a few others plays as well and i cant understand it. None have them have had any injuries and they are all first team players. Lukaku is only 21 and yet his stats are now worse than when he was 20, depsite him playing and scoring more. Im lost on this one, can anyone explain what the problem is?
  2. Ok cheers guys. Oh one more though, Zouma or Nasatic? Never signed either so not sure who might develop into the better player.
  3. 3 seasons in, I have two bids accepted for Wilshire and Gotze. Both for 40 million. Which should i sign?
  4. I used De Bruyne as his replacement. He's been solid for me in terms of assists, just doesnt get as many goals i've found.
  5. Halfway through my second season and after some issues with him settling in, Cavani has proved to be a steal at 24 million (he was transfer listed by requet when i bought him and got him much cheaper on deadline day). Anyone had issues with Lukaku and injuries? Guy cant seem to stay fit long enough to push his way into contention.
  6. Did anyone else get a really small amount of cash for transfers for their 2nd season? I finished my first season this weekend past after winning the club world cup, league and champs league and I got 3.5 million for transfers. This aswell after selling Torres and Lampard leaving which took a lot of my wage budget. Its not that big a deal due to all the youngsters coming back from being on loan but still found such a small amount odd.
  7. Just the one question. Signed Cavani and although he's scoring goals for me on a regular basis, his stats have dropped by 1 or even 2 points in some cases. He's happy with his training schedule and is performing well. Can anyone explain to me why this is happening?
  8. I've only just managed to have a crack at the new FM, had it sat on my shelf since xmas but never had a chance to set it up! Anyhoo, I've started my first game as Chelsea like always and brought in Fellaini, Ben Arfa and picked up Cavani for 24 Million on transfer deadline day. (He was transfer listed by request) My main issue is that so far Cavani has scored 8 in 12 but for some reason nearly all of his stats have dropped by at least a point or two. He's happy with his training schedule and like i said he's performing really well, can anyone else explain why this has happened?
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