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  1. Hi, I've got an existing save going - what i'm wondering is, can I make it a network save and to allow a friend to join the game and manage another team from their computer? Thanks
  2. I'm playing as Wolves, i have neither the financial backing or the scouting range to get one.
  3. Hey guys! Not sure if there is a way, but i'm wanting to stop one of my players from retiring either by a legit way, or with the in game editor. I have the official editor, and not the superior FMRTE. Does anybody know of a way>
  4. Yeah I can use steam fine in offline mode and can use the editor, just FM won't load
  5. Hi, I've been playing fm in offline mode for a while, with no issues. I was connected to Internet and installed the editor. I'm now back where I don't have Internet and I'm trying to load fM up again in offline mode but when I do it says installing, nothing happens then an error appears saying steam servers are too busy error 3.... Does anyone know a way around this?
  6. Hey there, now that the lower leagues mod is out I started a save with my local town, Warrington - been dying to ever since their heroics against Exeter. I've also got a logo pack for the lower leagues, however the badge for Warrington is their older badge, and i'm wondering if anyone can create the new one for me? Here's the link to the new badge http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/9/9c/Warrington_Town_FC_badge.jpg/220px-Warrington_Town_FC_badge.jpg
  7. Has anyone else noticed how frequent it seems to be this year? I've had a few saves and always experienced it, but the worst was just now in my United save. 9 games into the first season, Daley Blind says he's concerned about the lack of first team football and dosnt want his career to stagnant. He had played 7 out of a possible 9 premier league games, jesus christ!
  8. The Beta worked just fine, and i received an activation code from who i purchased the game from, but when i activate it it says "product already owned" and nothing installs and FM remains stuck in Beta, any advice?
  9. I agree with all of your points, martinji! I'm aware that some teams do rise from lower leagues, such as Swansea, but that's a rare occasion. I find that every single save results in some average team becoming the worlds best within a few seasons :/ Sure, fm13 can be difficult (mainly due to the buggy match engine) but i'm specifically referring to the growth of clubs.
  10. I'm not here to have a go at FM, but does anybody else find the game too easy to turn any old team into a great side? I'm not sure if this is just me, but i always lose interest in games when teams become really good... Not just my personal games, but also stories ect... For example, if someone turns a league 2 side into a premiership winning team i instantly lose interest, because it's just not realistic for me... :S My i really enjoy relegation scraps ect, but in fm i always find that you always end up going from a relegation threatened side to battling for the title within 4 seasons, which just doesn't happen in real life. I know it's a game, and it's supposed to be fun but i really feel that winning the league with a small club destroys any fun in fm. I'd much prefer to manage a team like Wigan for say, 8 seasons and never get a top half finish than turn them into a top 4 club because, let's face it that's never going to happen. I sometimes feel that the AI clubs just aren't smart enough in their transfers. If they improved at the same rate as the player perhaps it wouldn't be possible to win the league with Wigan in 3 years :/ Just wondering if anyone else shares this feeling?
  11. I just got sacked. We're predicted 7th, i was 6th! Went on a 6 game winning streak, then lost 4 games in a row, and despite my job status being stable i got sacked?!
  12. Hello there! I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, i'm starting to think it might be because i've never had this happen before, and it's happening ALOT. So, I've just started my second season as Nottingham Forest, we're still in the champ and find ourselves 15th after 7 games. We're aiming for playoffs. However, as early as 4 games into the season i had two of my new signings say that they're not happy with the amount of game time they're receiving, despite playing in two of the four games we've played, and they were signed as rotation players... I'm not getting a different player become concerned and complain that we're underachieving, literally every couple of days... We've not lost four and won 3, but of the four loses two of them were against clubs that got relegated from the prem! We've even won both of our cup games... I'm just concerned that the game might be messing up, as i've never had so many players complaining like this, especially so early in the season!!
  14. Don't worry, already signed him on a free transfer, no idea why Fulham decided to release him!
  15. Haha, yeah good point. Well i'm 6th, so i assume i've got that part right. Cheers for clearing that up as well Barside, thought it was something along those lines but i wasn't sure.
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