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  1. Congratulations on a great improvement this year, it’s a big step forward. I’ve got the FMM bug back. The graphics, interface, database, tactics and general gameplay are all much improved. Feels deeper and more engaging than previous versions, and still simple to pick up and play. Great job! I would agree with others that the standard setup is a bit easy. However, there’s plenty of options to make it harder so there’s different levels of difficulty for everyone. Can’t wait to test myself! Current save is with AlbinoLeffe. I’ve got promoted two seasons in a row via Italy’s convoluted play-off system. It’s really enjoyable but I’ll start on a more challenging setup next time. Some issues: 1. In Serie B, the league table suggested that it was just 2 teams promoted auto with no play offs. There was no line or colours during the season to show a play off zone. Fortunately I didn’t play the kids when I was sat 6th in April and May, and I finished just inside the play offs... finding out after the last game of the season! I’m sure it’s in the league rules but the league table should make it obvious throughout the season. 2. It’s way too easy to buy cheaply and sell for big profits. After promotion to Serie A, I purchased 18 players for £10.4m and sold 27 players for £39.5m - some were the same player, signing in July and selling in August for 2-3 times the buying price. I will use attribute masking for future saves to make transfers harder, but the quick increases in value and ease of buying and selling is very unrealistic. This should be a lot harder for a club like AlbinoLeffe, even if they’ve got promoted to Serie A. Looking forward to exploring the game more and trying more challenging situations. Thanks for making FMM great again!
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