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  1. Havent scrolled through the thread so dunno if its been mentioned but do the long shots from in play seem really really poor? Mine are always very slow, very wide or both. Haven't seen many good long shots at all throughout my first season.
  2. Anyone finding it hard to score goals? I have a 4231 formation with: ----------------Soldado----------------------- --Lamela-------Eriksen-------------Robben----- So scoring shouldnt be an option. Some games im creating 5-6 clear cut chances but scoring none and other games im barely creating a half chance. Managed to just finish 6th in first season with a staggering 17 draws, with most teams coming from behind in the last 5 minutes and scoring 1-2 goals to get the draw. Been the most frustrating season ive ever had on FM and not sure what I can do to change it. Robben with 20 dribbling and Lamela with 19 dribbling get tackled far too easily when dribbling and can barely beat anyone. Although im not suprised with the extremely high ratings of all LB's in the prem.
  3. Could you please upload this to a different website which doesnt require you to download a shady looking .exe? Something like gamefront or sendspace would be great.
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