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  1. That's a good tip, didn't realise this had an impact. I might try that in my game.
  2. What year are you in? Your reputation is probably still quite small, maybe only regional, so you might be only shopping in the not-that-big market of Midlands teams. If Villa, Birmingham and West Brom already have local feeder clubs chances are they won't want another, and you might struggle to find any other teams.
  3. Go into preferences in-game, then 'Interface' and make sure 'Use caching to decrease page loading times' is ticked. Chances are you've unticked it to install a load of graphics, and didn't tick it again. Happened to me!
  4. Any chance you can check if Oussama Assaidi is still at Liverpool in your db? Can't figure out how to check which db I'm actually playing using right now (I downloaded several to see which was best!) but the one I'm using, which I think is this one, has him at Stoke permanently, a deal which hasn't happened.
  5. If anyone's still in this thread... Nation: Any non-top level Euro nation (so not England, Spain, France, Germany, Italy - preferably not Portugal, Denmark, Nederland, Belgium either) Division: Top division. European Competition: would be a bonus, not a deal breaker Media Prediction: Anything from Title win down to top half Board Expectation(s): preferably nothing too unrealistic! Transfer Budget: any Wage Budget: any Finances: any Other: loaded up every league in Europe to see how it goes. Want somewhere I don't have to immediately replace all the staff and gut the playing squad. Aim is to become successful in a 'smaller' league, maybe a European run, then gradually go to bigger clubs and the big leagues. I've looked at e.g. Steaua, Crvena Zvezda, but nothing grabs me yet.
  6. I'm amazed something only slightly better than my laptop spec can run all leagues! Might give it a go. Albeit transfer deadline days are already interminably slow.
  7. Good stuff, cheers. While you're there, any idea if the calendar will be fixed regarding creating notes to recur annually? Them all losing a day every year. Surely it's not that tough to set up an accurate calendar, or is there a bigger underlying problem?
  8. Does this happen for anyone else? It's a bug in that it bugs me, but it's not worth raising. But pretty much every match I play, at least once one of the goalkeepers will pick up a loose ball in his box, then sort of 'hover' just over the dead ball line, giving away a corner. Something to do with my graphics settings? Or something else?
  9. Always try to do a tour if you can, rather than individual friendlies. The tour seems to rake in the merchandising sales year-round, while high profile friendlies might make you 500k or so in appearance fees but won't boost the merch much. Top countries for tours seem to be USA, Middle Eastern countries and China for me. Still get told on the annual financial roundup something like 'last years tour of Saudi Arabia continues to boost the club's coffers through merchandising'. Though the countries may change depending on which country you manage in. I'm in Germany.
  10. Ah, this makes me feel so much better about getting my interest 'laughed off' every time despite being German and a 7-time Bundesliga winner and triple Champions League winner!
  11. Yeah I had an odd feeling I'd misspoken when I said exact injury time, and sure enough, first game, injury time keeps on going for 30 seconds over the number of minutes!
  12. Glad handballs are in, I'll have to look out for one! Has anyone ever seen a player dummy the ball? My favourite thing I've seen recently which I had assumed wasn't implemented: shot hit the post, rebounded off the back of the goalkeeper's head as he dived, and went in for an own goal! Brilliant! Although I'd have been less happy if I'd been the team conceding the goal...
  13. You must never have played in Europe then, as this happens in 100% of European games. I've also seen (I forget who said they'd never seen it) LOADS of correct professional foul-red card decisions. And I have a suspicion that anyone who says players NEVER round the goalkeeper is simply not recognising it when it happens. I believe it's there, but the graphical representation is terrible. The keeper never comes out, so all the striker does is slightly go right or left then 'pass' the ball into the net. I've never seen: Handball Players going to the corner flag (or in fact any timewasting other than goal kicks) Actual correct implementation of injury time - I mean e.g. if there are 2 minutes of injury time, full time ALWAYS occurs spot on 92.00, no matter what is happening on the pitch. As an aside, these two things happen ridiculously often, when they almost never happen in real life: players injuring themselves while committing a foul, and the goalkeeper carrying the ball out for a corner kick. Does anyone else see these all the time? These both happen at least once every 3 or 4 games for me, which is just way too high.
  14. You can ask in the 'talk to board' screen to 'Change Philosophies', and they might allow it. But if you're performing badly they might refuse. Keep trying and you should get it gone though. Or if you're performing well enough to get offered a new contract, they'll almost always allow changing philosophies as part of your negotiations.
  15. Why not try holidaying for a season, and picking a club that have finished a lot lower than expected? My current game I essentially did that - took over Leverkusen 8 games into the second season with them in the relegation zone, was quite fun rebuilding the club.
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