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  1. So I got my regens in and got an amazing CB with Resolute personalty, noticed only Moreno could tutor him but didn't want him to do it so got Pepe in on a free contract (who also has Resolute), now no one can tutor him at all Here's the proof, here's his stats if you're wondering . I'm really hoping it's something stupid, Pepe isn't doing a new move, I made sure and do them myself. Ian is learning a new move though but I'm sure he can learn but the tutor can't be, If this is the wrong place I'm sorry, wasn't sure where to post this. Thanks!
  2. Here's a few players I managed to get: Brought in this player for free from Athletic Bilbao (second season) Again for free but this time off of SK Rapid Wien (think it was like 600k compensation) (second season) Cost me £1.9m in the first season, they wanted him back on loan though until the end of the Norwegian season. (You'll get him back on the 31st of January) That's all for now. Got some other decent players for cheap in but they're mostly common players like Danilo, Correa and Berahino
  3. Here's 4 of mine that I managed to get: Sandi Matrljan or Mat for short was bought from a massive 25m from Lyon but has been worth it, been playing well in the couple of starts he's managed this season https://i.gyazo.com/a8a86ec78464e811868fbc34995136b1.png Barrie Marsden one of our own boys! Have loved him since he first came into the academy, out of the 3 good players that year he's the only one to have impressed me, had a great season on loan with Ipswich last season having an avg of 7.09 scoring 10 in 43 and got 5 assists https://i.gyazo.com/a58666f74d08eb06f19094ada122011f.png Jan Sedlacek, I like to call him Jan, has been playing on and off since he joined from Sparta Prague for 6m, has played really well in a CM defending role when Hendo been out https://i.gyazo.com/2aad9bcc56b1c232d338fd93a40530f7.png Joaquin Illanes, my personal favourite player Been performing VERY well for me getting an 8.00 rating last season from 15 games, 11 of which were starts. Is now playing second fiddle to an extremely inform Clyne, but I will be looking to drive him out of the team to make way for Illanes https://i.gyazo.com/a3dd467bf1cff2dffed723aaa4746f5d.png I have a couple more players who are currently out on loan trying to make a name for themselves but here's the ones I have trying to battle for a first team place Edit: I just got this kid in near the end of the window https://gyazo.com/695c53ea575810feaa59f8bb180c3874 And well 4 goals in 2 games (two braces) I think he's going to be something special. I'm already loving the guy
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