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  1. No, sorry I`ve continued on from this point.
  2. I holidayed the last 3 games of the season because the league was already won but I have encountered a bug with the awarding of the manager of the month award for May. The award was given to my assistant manager, with myself in 2nd place! Version : Latest beta patch for FM20
  3. My point has more to do with tactic familiarity. If we load in a new tactic to be trained, then the tactic will not have the same familiarity as the other tactics. Does familiarity affect the AI tactics?
  4. Does anyone find it fair that the AI managers are allowed 4 formations in their profile(Preferred Formation, 2nd Preferred Formation, Preferred Defensive and Attacking Formations), yet we are allowed to only have 3 formations being trained at once?
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