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  1. Except that it's every city, not just San Sebastian.
  2. Be fair to the OP - every game everywhere from Barcelona to Seville to Valencia for 5 months is wet and breezy. That is not normal. The guy's not saying that it shouldn't be like that sometimes but that to have EVERY game in EVERY city in Spain like this is a bit weird. He's got a point hasn't he?
  3. Did anyone actually touch it after the throw in? Difficult to tell but if not and it went straight in then it'd be a goal kick. Strange and unusual but in the laws of the game!
  4. If you're down in the lower leagues it has to Vincent Pericard! The guy's a genius and he plays for the love of the game. Well, it must be that cos I'm not paying him much.
  5. Exactly this. It's not unusual to have 3 or 4 long term injuries (it is unlucky, yes, but not unrealistic) but if those injuries are all torn hamstrings, which seems to be the main "big" injury I get (I had 4 players out with torn hamstrings recently) then it does look odd. If those 4 injuries were more varied then it wouldn't appear so strange. I don't see a problem with the number.
  6. Yeah that is weird if there's already been a match played there. Having said that, I live in Valencia and to be honest that sort of craziness would not be out of place here! As long as some politician was getting paid enough they'd stage a match there At the moment there's a bit of an argument going on over who actually owns the team - the local government is thought to have basically bought the side, but they say that really it's a bank that owns the team although the bank don't want anything to do with it and more or less deny knowledge. People are a bit miffed as to why the local government can spend so much money on football when there are pharmacies running out of medicine and huge cuts in health... Seriously, any problems I think the English game has, I open a sports paper here and it puts it all in perspective! All that's a bit off topic though, sorry - can't shed any light on your game!
  7. Not sure about when you get a new stadium in the game, but there is indeed IRL a Nuevo Mestalla just sitting empty that Valencia don't use. They haven't got the money to complete it (although it looks pretty much finished from the outside, construction wise). Valencia is a club with a lot of problems. So much so, that I think if you showed the board your save and the profit you'd made, they'd probably consider taking you on.
  8. Yeah Wikipedia's ok but it takes ages to search through it all. Basically, I want to search through the leagues to see a giant who's fallen to the bottom tier that I can resurrect. Playing FMC so it's a bit of a ball ache to load up 3 leagues, check them out then load up another 3 to check them out. I know it's basically laziness but it'd be a useful tool to have a list of all starting teams in all starting leagues. I reckon.
  9. Is there a list anywhere of all of the teams starting in each league in FM? It'd make it a lot easier to choose where to start without having to do different google searches for each league you're tempted by.
  10. Yeah that's what I was thinking. Seems like just a chance to make a rod for your own back. We'll stick with our low expectations then. Cheers!
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