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    Saints fan, live down south. Less addicted to FM than I used to be, the forum is better ;)

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    If only there was an exam on obscure footballers.

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  1. I'm in! though I did hear that parslow had an encounter with transexual prostitutes, that can't do the campaign any good!
  2. You change your relationship status on facebook to "in a relationship with football manager"
  3. Does this only work with the patched version of FM?
  4. I was offered Tevez in an old game, but haven't seen it since.
  5. FM 08 is class btw, just a few improvements 1. On previous page being able to select type of feeder clubs you want.. also to have more say in which feeder club you ould like rather than being given 4 rubbish ones to choose from 2. Ultimate soccer manager 96 style tactics screen where you get to design your own set pieces to be implemented in a match situation... this could also be backed up by scouts scouting opposition teams and giving feed back on set pieces and an option on the tactics screen to be able to defend opposition set pieces. i dont know about any1 else but i think its a good idea
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