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    Saints fan, live down south. Less addicted to FM than I used to be, the forum is better ;)

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    If only there was an exam on obscure footballers.

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  1. Not doing too great by the looks of things!! I will have to pop down heckle.
  2. Did I say ruin? But they will shape the rest of my life... If I get in this time I'll be going to one university, If I don't get my results I'll reapply and go to another university. So, they will shape the rest of my life. Or at the very least an entire year of my life.
  3. I don't know why I'm not bricking it, as tomorrow will shape the rest of my life. But, I'm not, Just interested to see what I get tomorrow. Anyone else the same?

    Exam Results!

    My sentiments exactly, I've already planned my year ahead if I fail to make my grades, and to be honest I think I'd rather take the year out and go next year then go this year!!

    Sports Relief BBC1 Now.

    Arghhhh not another reason I should have sky!! I'm getting very fed up of this! Ta though

    Sports Relief BBC1 Now.

    Where did you see the cycling? is it on iplayer?

    Network game

    have you both or neither of you ticked 'run as server' in preferences? only one of you should have this ticked. What problems are you having?

    Creating a new power in europe

    1) they need the file 2) Yes that should be correct, but rep could go downhill, I would recommend downloading fmrte (when it's released for the patched version) as a back up for reputations etc. 3) Yeah that's editable in the data editor 4) It isn't based on anything as far as I am aware, all you need to do is make your average attendance the level you want and set your min and max accordingly 5) - 6) Yeah you can start the teams as empty but i wouldn't leave any AI managers in there as I did an experiment on 09 and they didn't sign any players at all even with unlimited funds and wages budgets. 7) You should be able to but I don't know how to do this. It won't affect the main database I'd assume

    New SSN Girl!!!

    I wish they all showed that much clevege!

    Predator Mania's

    http://www.worldcupsoccer2002.com/Assets/ADI_10049_F.jpg - these are the boots And they would because they are profit maximisers and the sheer amount of sales they would make should encourage them to re-release them no matter what principles they have.

    Tore my ligaments during footy game yesterday

    Rest for however long they say!! I did the same when I was about 11, and it has never recovered because I just carried on playing on it. But it sounds like you've got very sound medical advice and help so I wouldn't worry too much...

    Predator Mania's

    These timeless classic (in my youthful eyes) football boots, are all I ever think about... but can't afford to break the bank for them on ebay. But what I want to know is why Adidas, if they're a viable business, don't remake them... they tried the supernova's but unfortunately I wasn't even aware that they were released. But as a profit maximiser surely it would be worth reintroducing them as there would be thousands upon thousands of people who would be willing to pay good money for them! I can understand how they don't want to be seen regressing 7 years to an old boot with old technology, but it must be better than the tasteless cr*p they're producing at the moment!!
  13. No way are Marquinhos, Vela, Sakho, Guardado or Veloso the best layers on the game at the start.... You can't compare them to how good they get in the future surely!?!