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    Saints fan, live down south. Less addicted to FM than I used to be, the forum is better ;)

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    If only there was an exam on obscure footballers.

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  1. Network game

    have you both or neither of you ticked 'run as server' in preferences? only one of you should have this ticked. What problems are you having?
  2. Creating a new power in europe

    1) they need the file 2) Yes that should be correct, but rep could go downhill, I would recommend downloading fmrte (when it's released for the patched version) as a back up for reputations etc. 3) Yeah that's editable in the data editor 4) It isn't based on anything as far as I am aware, all you need to do is make your average attendance the level you want and set your min and max accordingly 5) - 6) Yeah you can start the teams as empty but i wouldn't leave any AI managers in there as I did an experiment on 09 and they didn't sign any players at all even with unlimited funds and wages budgets. 7) You should be able to but I don't know how to do this. It won't affect the main database I'd assume
  3. No way are Marquinhos, Vela, Sakho, Guardado or Veloso the best layers on the game at the start.... You can't compare them to how good they get in the future surely!?!
  4. Starting your manager career later

    Well there is the use real players tick box.... has the same effect... but yeah I have done that, not to 2020 mind..
  5. A humble request for next FM.

    I'd like this too.... but really it would be difficult to implement... going on holiday for a few days/set for a date would be just as effective
  6. Glory, glory Man Utd

    I'm soooo glad this thread isn't what i thought it would be about...
  7. Local Lads

    Defence would be ropey, but surely it would not be difficult to make a team full of spaniards... maybe starting at Barca would be easier but even so....
  8. I just spent

    66 MILLION!!! That's madness I say, MADNESS! You could have invested in at least 3 young left backs for that, all of which could have become better than Bale.... patience is a virtue
  9. Regens at Barcelona

    Fabregas, Pique...... surely there should be a higher probability of good players coming through, and more of them....
  10. I'm in! though I did hear that parslow had an encounter with transexual prostitutes, that can't do the campaign any good!
  11. Buy New Game?

    Yeah, i had that... just try and install a patch from a different source and it worked fine.. like SCIAG said
  12. Are You a Legend?

    Isn't legend better than icon? And yes I am legend... though the fans took a bloomin' long time recognising it! took me from 2008 to 2022 and various titles and trophies for them to even acknowledge me at all...
  13. If you aren't top of the hall of fame aim for that, then and only then will you be the best manager of all time!