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  1. Anybody with monitor that has very high resolution monitor, has font size been sorted out ?
  2. Anybody know if there will be HD skin or option to increase font size for those playing on HD tv's or very high resolution monitors ?
  3. Cant be good for your eyes Think will just have to stick to playing the game on my main pc and leave htpc for movies, hopefully in the future this will get sorted as would love to be able to play it on my tv
  4. Why dont you just use zoom mode in your browser when using the net ? Have tried different resolutions to 1920x1080 but it just doesnt look good on bigger screen
  5. I know how far you have to sit away from the screen, if I do sit any further back I have to strain my eyes to be able to see anything as writing is so small. Well whoever is in charge of skins tell them to pull their finger out and sort something out for future version of the game ...... thank you very much indeed
  6. Can you confirm if this is gonna be something you are gonna do for next update(if there is one) or for next version of FM ? Thanks for your response Im using 40" and its bearable if I sit 2 feet away from the screen but as you can imagine its not a pleasant experience. I haver tried different skins but still no joy
  7. Just had a look and nothing Really unimpressed that this issue has not be dealt with, anybody with large monitor/lcd tv is struggling playing this game and nothing has been done about it. Putting effort into making skins for iphone games and ipad game but no effort into pc HD version
  8. Its in the first post mate. Replace default font file and change name in config files.
  9. All I did was change the font to FM2011 one, it made a big difference so didn't have to change font size
  10. Couldnt agree more, this game is almost impossible to play on large lcd .... I have 40" and I have to sit right in front of the screen
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