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  1. Player_1 kicks Player_2. Red card!! Made FM07 and 06 fun. Was great to see players kicking and punching each other. Anyway, great to see those arguments resulting in cards. But, is it present in 13? Never seen more than one booked at once.
  2. So, we're supposed to play with a higher penalty conversion rate? The players won't blast a penalty over the bar or to the side? Or is it that much rare? Rarer than it was in 13? One more question. If people are coming up with bugs of more priority, will another patch be released? Just curious.
  3. Will probably continue my 2019 save till 14.3. Started as Rangers and became a legend there, got called up to Dortmund without the fans wanting my head. Just can't get enough of it but do miss the 14 UI which I find great.
  4. A lot of the older games never cease to amaze me. But the UI, in comparison, is a bit basic for me and that's what stopping me from getting myself immersed. Still, SI can look back and be proud of some gems they have produced.
  5. The problem is that when I searched through the ltc file, it says [%team#1] lift [%comp#1-short]. So, I'm assuming the final match is taken as "CUP_NAME Final" as a whole. That's what makes the trophy name annoying.
  6. Non-editable maybe? Not that much of a problem yet it's annoying.
  7. So, edited lnc files can cause this? In your respective games, is it "TEAM_NAME lift European Champions Cup trophy or European Champions Cup final trophy"? EDIT : Screenshot with all edits removed Still, it's showing "Final" along with the competition name.
  8. Shouldn't it be "Champions League trophy"? Screenshot
  9. So, the latest 13.3 update is crash-free on an 'everything-updated' system? Phew. Made my day.
  10. It's rare but I need my FM to be crash proof. Right after going to pre-match team talk, the game crashes. It has happened only twice but as I said before... I'm with 13.3 and have been wondering if it's related to my system.
  11. @MilesSI replied that assistants can of course get sacked. Hoping for a better game since I don't want to regret buying it.
  12. @Sikker : You took a look at even small clubs all around the world? Time consuming but the result will be worth it. Btw, gonna pick up 13 tomorrow. Is it better than 12 and 11 anyway?
  13. In my FM11 save, Phelan (United assistant) became the manager of Birmingham. So, are you guys saying that such things never ever happen in FM 13?
  14. Has anyone seen it happen? Planning to get the game soon and though a single feature wouldn't ruin the game, just need to make sure it's there.
  15. A drab year so far. Surely 2014 can only get better?
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