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  1. i assume that having bought the digital version, it can not be returned for money back?
  2. the game was on sale on the PSN, so i decided to take the chance and bought it the graphics are good, it looks quite close to the FMC-part on PC, it also doesn't skimp on the options you have, i.e. nothing seems to have been cut back, good work! now, i haven't played for long, about an hour, and i have 2 complaints, 1 that i can manage and 1 that is already making me regret the purchase. sounds harsh, but let me explain : 1) the game is slow and sluggish, but this can be expected considering the hardware, so no further remarks on this part 2) the controls of this game, while not bad at first sight, are horrible let me elaborate on the last point what are good controls? good controls make sure that you can do all the things needed to do, without a fuss, not impeding or holding back your enjoyment of the game this game doesn't have that, let me give an example i'm at the 1st friendly of the season, and i want to select my last sub before i begin the match. i push on the space before the player's name to select him as S12 and the line goes yellow, nothing happens. 8 pushes on (some firm, some quick) and still not selected, then on push 10, he's selected. i'm already bummed out my suggestion : add an alternative control scheme that goes like this : left stick : simulates a mouse cursor, which means actually seeing a mouse cursor going around left trigger : simulates the left mouse button right trigger : simulates the right mouse button i can't fault the other buttons, i don't mind pushing a button to pull down the menu because otherwise the screen would be too cramped, but the touch controls ARE TOO IMPRECISE, they make navigating the game a chore is the control scheme as-it-is tested? like, played for a 4-hour session to see if it is comfortable? i highly doubt it there's a good game hidden in here, almost there, but the control scheme really torpedoes it, releasing a patch with an added control scheme is all that's needed anymore
  3. it's on the team tactics screen down on the screen, where you can select the target man and then the supply type
  4. maybe get the balancing of 'amount of injuries' right, too many of too long a time (have played 180+ hrs and have NEVER encountered injuries of less than 2 weeks, always at least 4 weeks and most of the time 2 months)
  5. seriously, this must be changed in the ME, a ball gets in the possession of my striker after a corner, he has the whole field to himself and can surely just run to the goal but everytime i'm in this situation, he starts running more to the side of the field, ruining the chance to get a shot at goal and of course now the opposing defence has had an opportunity to get back seriously, this ME has some irritating quirks
  6. i've just come into this thread and i do have 1 question : does the game simulate the 2 halves independently or does the second half get simulated with the scoreline/game progress in mind? example : let's say you're winning 4-0 at half time, i can imagine (like in real life) the losing team would be morally down => does the second half get simulated like it's own game (where the score could be 0-4, meaning a draw at 4-4) or does it count in the fact that there is already a 4-0 score?
  7. i bought FM13 just because it had this classic mode, couldn't bother with the full game because it takes so much time (makes it more like work than a game) 2 things should be added : 1) possibility to select more leagues, 3 is too small 2) possibility to praise players
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