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  1. My interpretation of what a low block would be what Spurs did to Arsenal at the weekend. I lower or possibly much lower LOE with a standard or lower DL. To get this to work in FM20 seems pretty impossible as the high lines & possession are far too op.
  2. Agreed good post.... but it also points out the numerous options & why I'd prefer a simple choice of block/press 'styles' like the tactical styles.
  3. I said option, meaning an option for some people. It could be fine tune edited for others who want to go in to far more detail. We have defaults for tactical styles that preset TI's. Why not pressing defaults as well. There's too much reading between the lines, so to speak, in the current tactical selections.
  4. I'd like a simple low block/mid block/high block combo option which defaults with a relevant pressing intensity and/or press to areas of the pitch. It's unnecessarily over complicated to build your preferred block/press system.
  5. Personally I would find it easier on the lines selection if they were grouped as low, medium or high block defaults. The explanation of what these lines do/can do is rather ambiguous. In fact the whole pressing level and where to press could be presented far better than it is.
  6. Ok, I'll rephrase.... Will the plug n pay tactics by the famous ones who carry out such creations be just as OP in this version as in FM20.
  7. Appreciate the responses.... But is it possible to be successful playing with lower lines in general or is the ME still favoured towards higher lines?
  8. Before I contemplate investing any hard earned I'd like to know from the experts/game creators if it possible to be successful with a low block style (Low line of engagement, low line of defence, Regroup....etc...) or is the match engine still favouring higher lines & Counter Press styles? Thank you.
  9. Too many attack minded players or 'glory roles' & too aggressive a system without the ball are the obvious things to me. I would change the following. Both lines to higher, pressing to high, turn off prevent short gk distribution. This will make you more solid without the ball and put less pressure on your players in defensive situations. Roles wise your APS to DLPS, your DLP to DMD or A, IFS on the left to WS, IFS on the right to IFA, CFA to DLPA, left WBS to FBS. I'd also turn off Hold Shape & leave this blank, no point in denying a counter opportunity with th
  10. As someone who plays 3-5-2 myself this is a fascinating read. Great work.
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