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  1. As someone who plays 3-5-2 myself this is a fascinating read. Great work.
  2. Hmm... Nope, still doing it. 3 messages before every game. Bloody annoying.
  3. Hey Cleon, dafuge. Thanks for the replies. I'll try the third tactic, that might clear it. Weird that I've never seen this message before though.
  4. First off sorry if this is posted in the wrong place but I can't find a forum for FM12 bugs. I've been on FM12 for ages but my game has recently developed a strange bug where I get a constant message from my Assistant Manager on Match Preparation. It reads as follows - 'Martin O'Connor (asst) wants to remind you that Macclesfield's next match is in three days time - Now would be a good time to review our Match Preparation training for upcoming matches. You can either oversee match preparation yourself or leave it to your assistant.' I then have options for match preparation or
  5. Hey Knap, Haven't posted here for a while but im still using these formations in some form. Have tweaked a little more and have it down to two base formations that i'm rather happy with depending whether favs for games or not. May post some more links soon.
  6. Could be Knap yeah. Especially on the FM07/08 theory. I've changed a few things tonight actually! Now have one of the AMC's playing at MC with a forward arrow. The winger on his side now gets a double forward arrow to the centre forwards line. This is allowing a creative centre mid with good passing and decisions to play. The att mid is all about dribbling and finishing. Better balance now I think and certainly easier to get the right players. Will keep working on this idea.
  7. Made a few tweaks Knap, try the new links above on the orignal post.
  8. Ok, have gone down the filefront avenue and have got my four formations available. Knap is the influence for the shape of the 4-2-3-1 and 4-1-4-1 and Catanaccio and Wingman are my own work. Play the formations in the following situations. First two are the base formations using Knaps shape. Second two are the ultra defensive and attacking options that i've been using for ages. If favourite for a game or playing an inferior side then start with 4-3-2-1. http://files.filefront.com/4+3+2+1tac/;12004538;/fileinfo.html If not the favourite or playing a stronger side then start with 4-1-4-1.
  9. Little update for you. Wasn't happy with the lack of support for my anchorman so I dropped my to amc's forward runs to mixed and put forward arrows on my wide midfielders and just won two on the bounce at home with Weymouth in the Championship quite comfortably. Lovely balance about this formation. Currently playing in this shape and altering tempo, width, base mentality and frd runs for home/away games - ******Gk****** RB***CB**CB***LB ******DM***** RM***********LM ****AM**AM*** ******CF****** RM and LM have frd arrows at home, none away. Dm has a frd arrow. AM's have back
  10. Hey knap, Only downloaded your 1.1 I think, wasn't aware of the others. Corner wise I go far post and put my two centre halves on stand on far post. Centre Forward is stand by keeper or whatever its called. I'll look into putting some stuff up when i've played a little more. Incidentlly im on FM2007. Not sure that matters too much although some of you may say it's easier? Im not sure, never got into 2008 and I have loads of pretty graphics (And I mean loads.....) built into 2007, would have been shame to lose them.
  11. Knap/mister C, First off i've slowed down the tempo and shortened the passing. Both are on 5 now. The best bit about the 4-1-4-1 was the control that a very good def mid player could bring to the match, playing this slower tempo allows this. Width is up to 15, time wasting to 5 and def line to 8. I play this 4-3-2-1 as my normal formation with a 4-1-4-1 shape when needing to go more defensive. Changed corner routines to my liking, dont use the cheat. Also altered full backs forward runs to occasional abd centre backs passing to mixed (10) rather than 5 for the rest of the team. Left and r
  12. Hey Knap, Hard to know what to say really, been playing FM for ages and trying to get an attacking 4-1-4-1 shape to work where the lone striker is supported but the midfield strength isn't sacrificed and then I stumble across this absolute beauty. I have tweaked a few things for my own likings but your basic shape and the very very very important back arrows on those two att centre mids remain. I've never seen a tactic like this that can cover roughly 80% of all game situations. You deserve huge credit for this tactic in my opinion. Love this tactic, awesome stuff.
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