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  1. Hmm... Nope, still doing it. 3 messages before every game. Bloody annoying.
  2. Hey Cleon, dafuge. Thanks for the replies. I'll try the third tactic, that might clear it. Weird that I've never seen this message before though.
  3. First off sorry if this is posted in the wrong place but I can't find a forum for FM12 bugs. I've been on FM12 for ages but my game has recently developed a strange bug where I get a constant message from my Assistant Manager on Match Preparation. It reads as follows - 'Martin O'Connor (asst) wants to remind you that Macclesfield's next match is in three days time - Now would be a good time to review our Match Preparation training for upcoming matches. You can either oversee match preparation yourself or leave it to your assistant.' I then have options for match preparation or team policy. It's implying I have no one looking at match preparation but I'm doing it myself, option unticked in team policy. My 2 tactics are both well learned. I've tried letting my asst manager do it but still get the same message. I get this message, three, two and one day before every game. Anyone seen this message before?!
  4. YAMS

    Five general questions

    110% the correct way to raise morale. Nice work fella, been doing this for a fair while myself. Morale is so important in this game it's verging on ridiculous.
  5. YAMS

    [FM12] Steklo X2

    Anytime matey, happy to help.
  6. YAMS

    [FM12] Steklo X2

    There are two types, search & squad panels. They basically list a set number of skills for certain positions. i.e. Def Mid Playmaker Support..... I find the transfer ones more useful. Screenshots attached.Got them from FM Formation fella, do a google search for FMF extended information panels.
  7. YAMS

    [FM12] Steklo X2

    Hello mate, from memory they were mainly from sortitoutsi's backgrounds forum. Some are from FM07 and some more recent. I also googled some pics and used a cropping tool to get the desired size. I've changed the player profle & staff profile screens to how I like them, changed some of the value thresholds & colours and brought in some search panels for scouting players......that's about it. Also brought in tons of graphics, absolutely loads. Mainly again from sortitoutsi. Took me ages but the game is gorgeous. I have my whole FM12 graphics folder saved on scandisk..... Should sell it for a tenner a time, could make a killing.
  8. YAMS

    I need a really dark skin

    Steklo X2 with backgrouds RR.....
  9. YAMS

    i5 or i7 proccessor?

    Ah sorry, didn't read that bit!! Definitely wait for the SB's prices to drop a little. Great advice.
  10. YAMS

    i5 or i7 proccessor?

    Get an i5 2500k. Over a year old but still by far the best value for money processor available.
  11. YAMS

    [FM12] Steklo X2

    Some examples of how beautiful this game can look with Steklo's X2 skin here..... I'm using the RHS version and have collected various facepacks, logo's, backgrounds, icons, scoreboards and kits from all over the place. Some of these graphics i've carried over from FM07 and built into FM12 and some i've downloaded recently from a number of the excellent sites out there.
  12. YAMS

    How to get rid of the attribute polygon?

    You need to edit the Player Profile Personal Details panel that is in the panels folder of whatever skin you are using.
  13. YAMS

    Club logo's instead of kits.

    That's fixed it. Thank you for your excellent explanation. Much appreciated.
  14. YAMS

    Club logo's instead of kits.

    Hey MM, can you tell me what is different between the two sets of texts in the link...... They are identical aren't they? What do you mean by uncomment the logo code and comment out the kit code?!?! Maybe i'm stupid and have missed something here..... Wouldn't be the first time.