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  1. Sorry Neil. It's the journey where it breaks. I'll attempt to re-create the steps later this evening and will show the points that it breaks down. The match doesn't kick off, it gets stuck at team talk leaving you with the only option but to quit the whole game and restart the programme from steam. If you go through usual journey, it's fine and works, but if you go into team talk, skip ahead without giving a talk or speaking to media, then try to go back and do it (again without going to kick off), that's when it falls apart and won't let you kick off the match.
  2. I had to bite the bullet and quit game, losing the progress on the save but if i re-create the process, it does it again and you get stuck in the pre-match screen. One to look at.
  3. Nothing added, no. It just seemed like i broke the usual journey into a match and that's where the bug has appeared. Now i'm locked into the pre-match screen but can't get the match started. I can still come out of the match and then into other screens via the home button, but anything after takes me straight back to the team talk screen with limited options and no way to progress. Weird one.
  4. Hi Neil I'm using Football Manager Dark - no custom skins installed. Cheers
  5. In the match screen i went ahead without setting my team talk, so clicked back to to the team talk, delivered it, skipped tunnel, now the game won't kick off. Button can't be pressed at all. I can click around the game but can't progress in any way. I've tried reloading the skin - doesn't work. I've looked to go on holiday but that feature isn't allowed, nor can i save? Any ideas pls?
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