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  1. No one knows? It´s really bugging me. For example I´d need a new GK coach. I have 6k available in my wage budget, and finances are good. My current club reputation could attract some well known coaches, but I can only offer them might salary of 210£/w...
  2. Oops. Didn´t see this was a bug forum...Anyway, I know how to increase the wage budget, but I want to know is there a way to increase the allowed maximum salary for a player or staff. For example my team has maximum salary for a key player 1300£/w, and thus I can´t offer them any more wage in negotiations, and I can´t get any higher profile players... Can some moderator please remove this thread to the appropriate sections please? =)
  3. My team´s finances have skyrocketed when I got to Champions League (from -500k to + 7m). When I offer contracts, I still can only offer the same maximum salary for key players (1300£) that I could when I was nearly bankrupted. Naturally I can´t get any higher profile players because of this, even though my wage budget could easily allow it. My weekly wage budget has been increased from 11k to 24k, but the maximum wage stays the same =/ Maximum salary for my scouts is 210£/w, so I can´t get any decent scouts either. Can I somehow lift the maximum salary allowed, so I could actually get the shot to compete in europe?
  4. I´m using the 4321 version, and the defense is leaking like crazy! I have ok players there, but opponents just run through them all the time...
  5. I used V4 with Porto and I had great success. For the season 09-10 I accepted a job offer from Juventus and was excited to get into Serie A. But...I don´t know what´s the problem, but V3 and V4 doesn´t seem to work their magic in Serie A? Do opposing teams just defend so much better or what? I don´t create much scoring chances and I´m getting like 2 shots on goal for each game. Another question. From 2 MC´s, the left one is on more attacking duty, right? Still my every coach suggests that I should put my attacking MC on defending role and vice versa. Is it just a bug I should ignore, or do they know something I don´t?
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