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  1. this is the idea i posted on the disscussion forum.. what does the fm team think.. " FM 07 seems to have nearly everythink with theadding of feeder clubs etc... but what i always noticed is the captain feature, you select a captain but he doesnt seem to react any diffrent on pitch or in media. i have a idea... why not expand on this, for example.. when you select a new captain, the media with put there comments on it, like hes peerfect due to his exprience... or hes too young etc. also the captain you selected could react,, like thanking you... changing his attitude on pitch.. helping the manager make decisions.. like the assistant manager does if you ask his what he thinks of current team... also he could like you more... like the his favrite person list.. or he could say hes not interested.. it could help players stay at a club.. and feel more part of it.. and if you have trhe same captain long enough.. he could really respect you. meaning if you change club it would be easy to sign him... i think you get my point : ) i know its alittle change... but its somethink that is important... we pick a captain but he doesnt do anythink... or react.. i would like this changed : ) " so what does everyone think ???
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