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  1. I've taken Wealdstone from VNL South to Prem in back to back to back seasons without using a single OI. OI are not important at all. I wouldn't worry about it.
  2. Cerber v4 is beautiful in many ways. Just beat Huddersfield 15-0. It was 11-0 at half time!
  3. I would personally recommend finding one yourself. It's more fun that way.
  4. The Wealdstone Raider is overjoyed at 4 successive promotions. This one was squeaky bum tho. Went to last day with Sheff Weds needing to lose and we needed to win. Lincoln obliged by pounding them 4-0. It was a mix of RAPTOR and REAVER. We scored absolutely tons but also conceded a ridiculous amount.
  5. Raptor V1 takes Wealdstone through to League One at the first time of asking. That's 3 consecutive promotions. Also beat West Ham in the cup and made a million quid from the game.
  6. Yes I was thinking that but the problem is.... TFFs tactics always work and every year I use them and get promoted successively from VNL to Premier League and then win Prem in 2 or 3 years. There's no way that the other tactic testing leagues ranking TFFs tactics so low are correct. I have been using Raptor and have been promoted as champions every year..... At the same time, the integrity of fmarena tactic testing has to be questioned because of the strange things you see over there. I don't understand why he would corrupt the results. All it does is make me wonder what the hell is
  7. How can zeus v5 go from top to nowhere near top with no match engine changes? Surely all tactics need far more test iterations to have any clue which is best if there is such high standard deviation.
  8. Why are the wingers in Raptor using inverted foot if they don't have cut inside and they do have cross from byline. Watching the game you see countless moments where having a strong right foot on the right would be more beneficial. This is not criticism by the way, just an observation that makes me wonder.
  9. I see the wide midfielders do not have cut inside. So I presume that left foot on the right etc is not as important with Raptor?
  10. Hi, Knap, The 4321. Did you mean that you tested it with Dulwich Hamlet? Also, if you're testing it on FM Touch do you think the match engine plays so similar that the tactic should be just as effective on the full version? Thanks
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