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  1. I have started a save as Dorking Wanderers. There are 2 players - George Membrillera and Josh Taylor - who are on wages of 3.8k per week. I was going to include a save but I started another save and the problem was there again so I am certain you will be able to replicate it. Dorking are literally unplayable because of it.
  2. Hi, Knap, The 4321. Did you mean that you tested it with Dulwich Hamlet? Also, if you're testing it on FM Touch do you think the match engine plays so similar that the tactic should be just as effective on the full version? Thanks
  3. These look great and the write up is fantastic. Im going to try these out tomorrow with liverpool. Ill let you know how i get on.
  4. Definitely recommend putting the d line to deeper. Winger tactics will naturally be more effective spreading the play and making the pitch bigger.
  5. My issue is 100% absolutely identical to the one mentioned in OP.
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