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  1. Sorry, I meant THIS link has gone down.... my bad
  2. Cant wait to see the revamped skin. My only request would be to look at the colours for interviews/conversations as the text is the same colour as the background for me so I don't know what im telling people! keep up the good work
  3. S and N America and Oceania : Africa is completely unlinked, and in Asia only China and Hong Kong have stadiums in the info panel. I can draw up a nation/stadium list to make searching for the pic's eeasier for you
  4. Hey Andrew, sorry about the delay. Here's the start of the national stadium list. I went with UEFA as it seems to be themost important one for most of the players (massive overgeneralisation, sorry)
  5. I can confirm that Wembley is back as is the Stade de France. I'll have a look through the countries over the weekend and post a list of countries that are affected for you to allow you to focus on the various leagues around the world that you haven't started yet
  6. I figured as much - it only seems to be the nations that have dedicated stadiums - Portugal, Bolivia (?) and England are the three ive come across so far, but I'm sure there are others. Either way I love what you've done so far and will be eagerly awaiting the new updates!
  7. No worries mate. By the way - your Pack, it does add the stadium images under in the Club overview and National team information panels too doesn't? I'm just trying to figure out why a lot of my national teams don't have their stadiums showing - things like wembley and the portugese national stadiums just appear as those coloured seats. How would I go about setting them up in the config? Image to clarify:
  8. Hey buddy, I thought I would share with you a few alternates I have been using - Having BLUE SQUARE on the wallpaper for the Skrill leagues was bugging me lol! These are just the thumbnails - the 1860 one is 1080p, the skrill ones are a fair bit smaller and are a little fuzzy as backgrounds, but until I find one with a clearer resolution, these will do for me but just PM me if you want any of the files Might do it for the other competitions that have recently changed sponsor too. Loving the work you've been doing though!
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