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  1. So I have bought Football Manager 2021, and it seems it's not possible to do what I described. But I have some other ideas for editing that I want to do. Anyhow, for that which I wanted to do to be possible, the following needs to be featured. 1. To be able create an international league system. This is so you can choose the league and a club when starting a new game. And 2. To be able to tick a box that it's for example a continental competition or league (unless it's already implied in some way). This is because if the clubs are not seen as participating in a continental competition, th
  2. Hello. I wonder if it's possible to create a multiple division league with cross division fixtures. And I want there to be a combined standing too which I can create awards based on. I don't want to buy the game otherwise, have bought two FMs earlier but they didn't have this feature. I also need it to be possible to have playoffs with the two divisions having each playoff side, like for example the NHL. I think this was already possible in the earlier FMs I've bought. Also I want to be able to make multi-national or continental leagues. Also I want it to be possible to have multiple t
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