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  1. Thank you. What is strange, is that these 2 -in yellow- players are in my team. All the players in the in the list, of which I have uploaded a screenshot, belong to my team.
  2. Hello. Could you please tell me what it means if a player's name is in yellow? Thank you.
  3. Hi. Could you please tell me how I can save great goals, chances e.t.c. that I have recorded during game? How can I save them in Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\uploads folder and have access to them whenever I want? Thank you.
  4. Hello. In this thread I'll try to find, and I hope other players will find it useful to post their suggestions, improvements and bug corrections for the Greek version of FM 21. A correction I have noticed that can be taken into consideration, is that after the end of a chat with a journalist, to end the chat I see a bubble at the upper right that says "end chat" and not the corresponding in Greek words "Τέλος συνομιλίας". I hope this correction can be made and everyone who needs to pinpoint improvevements in the Greek version will assist to make FM 21 the best so far Football Manager
  5. Hello. Could you please tell me where is the "Clear cache" button? I play the game in Greek language and I cannot find it. Thank you.
  6. Hello. Could you make available the option that all the names of the players in the court to be visible constantly and simultaneously and not to be visible only the holder of the ball and of the players close or around him? Thank you.
  7. Hello. Could you please make available the black color for hair and facial hair, in the manager-making menu? There is not this color's option. Thank you. *If there is a verified way to correct this, if you could, please refer it here. Thank you.
  8. I had not noticed it. Thank you.
  9. Hello. I would like to propose the game to be auto-saved after the end of every game.Thus, both the game will be more fair and we will be sure that no game crash will push us to play again any lost game. Thank you.
  10. Hello. Could you make available the option to see the names of all footballers at the same time (not only the one having the ball and the players surrounding him)? Thank you.
  11. Hello. I have thought about two changes in FM 19, as suggested below: i) The designers of the game may improve the "sounds" section of the game by adding the national anthems of the national teams before every game, when 2 national teams face each other. In matches where one of the 2 teams hosts the game, may be heard the anthem of both teams, first the one of the host. In international competitions, such as the World Cup, the national anthem of both of teams there may be heard as well, as happens in real life. Also, in continental competitions, such as the European Champions League, may
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