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  1. Going to start a Milan save this weekend. Great spine with Donnarumma, Romagnoli, Tonali & Ibra.
  2. Excellent thread, was a big fan of your Sacchi 4411 pressing tactic. Was playing as Tottenham recently and using your FM16 tactics found the following formation worked really well in FM17; SK-d WB-A DC-d DC-d WB-a AM-d W-A B2B-s AP-s W-a CF-s
  3. How about Manuel Locatelli @ Milan. Only had a short go on FM17 (on release day) but he looks quite good @ Passing and Vision and still a teenager so plenty of room for development.
  4. Excellent work Ozil. After reading your recent posts in the Milan team thread I tried your tactic last night and it worked superbly so thanks very much. I loved Sacchi's Milan - it really was a special side, & he was a real one off coach, apparently the players used to try and avoid him in the Milanello corridors as he'd stop them and talk football at them for ages, also read somewhere that he'd scream out tactics/instructions in his sleep! Due to the high level of playing style (closing down + tactical positions on & off ball) it was hard to play this way for a whole season fitness
  5. I went for this one. Thanks to Welshlace and Smurf for their advice above and on the previous page.
  6. Hi, have got the same requirements as davidmn27 (post 2957) but as well as playing FM also would use to play Total War games (not at the same time!); http://www.totalwar.com/ The cube laptops look really good, would probably go for one of the following; http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/Cube-CZ-5.htm I guess the higher the price the better it is to run FM/Total War games? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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