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  1. Excellent thread, was a big fan of your Sacchi 4411 pressing tactic. Was playing as Tottenham recently and using your FM16 tactics found the following formation worked really well in FM17; SK-d WB-A DC-d DC-d WB-a AM-d W-A B2B-s AP-s W-a CF-s Using your England Tactics in the Sacchi thread; V. Fluid and Standard with 4 instructions; higher tempo, close much more, press keeper, push higher up. Played great football and sound defensively, Kane banging in the goals. The 2 central midfielders linked up really well and so did wingers and full backs. Thanks for the tips NB found Spurs had the players for this formation and a really good starting squad so will see if I can make it work at Milan which needs a lot of work!
  2. How about Manuel Locatelli @ Milan. Only had a short go on FM17 (on release day) but he looks quite good @ Passing and Vision and still a teenager so plenty of room for development.
  3. He's been playing really well for me as a right midfielder (retraining to that position) WM-At. Am in 1st season, played 5 serie A games and have 4 wins and 1 loss (away to Lazio). NB a big thanks has to go to Ö-zil to the Arsenal as with a couple of little tweaks am using his excellent 4411 pressing tactic.
  4. Excellent work Ozil. After reading your recent posts in the Milan team thread I tried your tactic last night and it worked superbly so thanks very much. I loved Sacchi's Milan - it really was a special side, & he was a real one off coach, apparently the players used to try and avoid him in the Milanello corridors as he'd stop them and talk football at them for ages, also read somewhere that he'd scream out tactics/instructions in his sleep! Due to the high level of playing style (closing down + tactical positions on & off ball) it was hard to play this way for a whole season fitness wise which is why I guess he won 1 scudetto but they'd 9/10 win the big matches & it just clicked i.e. 5-0 v Madrid @ San Siro. Really like your take on his tactic for FM. Especially how good the defence is. I have been trying to do a Sacchi tactic on FM for ages and failed for ages so thanks again!
  5. That's really nice work Ozil. Really like your defence. How did you get rid of "Poli, Alex, Zapata and a couple of others" - did you just list them or did you offer them to clubs? Like how you're doing a Sacchi tactic and its giving you success. Would be interested to know your team instructions - would guess you have following; Pressing, Offside, High Def Line? Not really got to far with FM but I usually go 4-1-2-3; SK-d; FB-s; FB-s; BPD-d; DC-d; DM-d or Reg-d; B2B-s; AP-a; W-s; IF-a; CF-s Highly Structured + Control; Retain Possession; Play out of Defence; Push Higher Up, Close Down much More; Roam from Position; Prevent Short GK Distribution Was thinking about using wingers instead of IF though.
  6. He's awesome for me as central midfielder set as AP Attack.
  7. Which tactic were you using Knap? I haven't played FM since the new patch was using your 41311 Control tactic - was brilliant.
  8. Nice work PeterPistola, the defence looks awesome. Let us know how you get on.
  9. Brought Kaka back at start of game, scout report said he'd be a star for most Serie A sides, sell a lot of shirts, model pro etc. He cost £600,000 but; Had to make him key player to offer max wages of about £95,000 (Still not enough as he wanted £140,000) so; Gave £4.5m signing on fee Gave agent £2m fee He scored in 1st pre season game and got an assist in as AM-A playing behind Bacca. That's all the money gone but happy to have him back!
  10. Very nice article Jean, that was a really good Milan side. I'm no expert on FM tactics but did you consider making one of the DC's a ball playing defender - on defend duty? As well as being a w/class defender Nesta was very good at bringing the ball out of defence. Also I see one of your TI's is play out of defence.
  11. Some good players in this link; http://gazzettaworld.gazzetta.it/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/AC-Milan.jpg?v=20160201064816
  12. Thanks, will probably change him to IF-S as well until Niang is fit.
  13. To be honest I've been struggling with Bacca. How do you play him? I do a 4-1-2-2-1, defence and midfield are great but front three pretty poor; Bacca as CF-a supported by Cerci as right winger - support and Bonnaventura on left as Inside Forward - attack?
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