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  1. N.Ireland cries. The outcome is not exactly weird though indeed. Wales starts with a good squad. Generally drops later on, but Ireland and Scotland drop much more, especially Ireland.
  2. So terrible players with a terrible manager? I wonder how could they reach 2nd place in the premier then. Did they buy their position as well? I have no interest in whatever rivalries or bias you have. It's not like the other big teams don't have money you know. You'll just have to accept there's a new big boy in the neighborhood. Moreover, their bucket loads of money always makes City a top team in FM as well, regardless of your opinion of City outside of FM. And that's exactly the point, Zenit, Porto AND Gent having their best games against huge teams at the exact same day. That's a rare
  3. Ye,but the Bayern result is not the only surprise there. City losing to Zenit. Juventus losing to Porto. (ok,this is not THAT big of a surprise, but it is a little bit hard.) Real managed to beat Gent with only one goal. +the baryern result. It's a CL day full of "wtf".
  4. Real struggling to beat Gent? I don't know where to start.
  5. OK, this is not exactly funny, but it's something that you won't be seeing in every save game: And it's all thanks to one single player: And to appease the Chelsea fans, this guy has also brought 3 consecutive premierships to the team.
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