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  1. Has always been like that until the final patch of every game to be honest. It's unfair to say that it's this version alone that seals the deal. FM13 was an unimaginable mess at first and after the first patch for example. The best solution I can offer is buying the game later in the year, after the X.3 patch is released. There's almost always sales in the CL finals and steam sales as well, so you can save some money on top of avoiding the frustration.
  2. It's not even about being able to unsettle. It's about having your board bust in and accept the offer in your behalf, because the offer is "too good to turn down". I've seen clubs with a total value of 50K say no to offers of 600-800K. Sure, I could just buy the whole team altogether, but apparently their chairman isn't interested the same way mine does. And once again, even though that would make it easy to poach youth from other countries, well, that's how it's supposed to be. The hard part is supposed to be finding them, but since scouting is so easy, we have to resort to breaking even more parts of the game to apply a false sense of "balance".
  3. And I agree thoroughly with that conclusion. But sometimes is just "ARGH" infuriating. Especially on those "low team upsets". (I still believe they are a bit overtuned ever since FM13.) But as long as the ME keeps on improving every year I'm fine, we should see the weird parts worked out eventually. After all, I'm obliged to give SI some slack this year, since they allowed scouts to be assigned to a specific country on a roam duty. That was kinda the best change ever for the way I play the game.
  4. Ye, the loading at the start of the match and the reloads after subs, tactic changes, etc, etc for both sides do, from what I recall. Then the ME is tasked with representing that. But it is also tasked with representing your tactic set up. And sometime the result comes into direct conflict with the quality of the players difference and the tactic's aggressiveness and has to produce extremities in order to reach the result. (many CCC missing, many woodworks, defenders picking their nose even though they are the cream of the crop, etc) If I'm not mistaken that is, but that's what my memory recollects from some posts a couple years ago. A couple woodworks within the first 20 minutes shows that I'd better start messing around just to cause reloads.
  5. Sometimes the ME seems to be trying a little bit TOO hard in order to get to the projected result, which is what causes me most of the frustration nowadays. Especially "upsets" when playing with smaller teams, they are absolutely the worst. It's come to the point where when I'm playing against a smaller team and I start the game with a woodwork, my first reaction is "here we go...".
  6. They aren't africans that moved to France and got nationality recently. France kinda has a history of screwing half the continent.(and Oceania) People just keep their second nationality through heritage. You can even see the birthplace of most of them from what I recall.
  7. Since I started yet another long-term game where I'll try to get a small nation and its league to go big and this time I ended up being in one that actually has play-offs in the end to determine who qualifies where, it got me wondering. I assume that the team directly below the champion play-offs group would get their ticket to EU, but thought I'd ask whether someone has actually pulled it off and saw for himself.
  8. That would be nice as well indeed. I'd be up for supporting that. But it would also have to be that you can only have talks with clubs that are actually on their way to takeover discussions and/or have a chairman that is interested in selling.
  9. Well, we could always be allowed to invest them in the team we are currently managing. Would be useful for people who play long-terms, especially for people who start as freelancers and then they end up in a team where it just clicks and they want to make it work. Or making deals with your team that you will help cover the cost of a facility upgrade. It's not like there's many other options that make much sense in that regard really. Otherwise it would be some silly decorative stuff that most people wound stop bothering with as soon as the novelty was gone.
  10. Ye...that's kinda my point... The AI never gets that. I'm not saying it's unrealistic for that to happen to me. I'm even used to it and expecting after years of LLM managing and I do indeed find it perfectly normal. But why don't I have the luxury of being able to do the same in small clubs?
  11. I wasn't talking about completely customizable PA values. Think of it like the current system for the database players who have those -1, -2 values and have a random PA ranging. A number like that is attributed at youth gen. Then tutoring, coach quality, ambition and professionalism give a bonus (with a range factor for each) when at the ripe age and the players finally rolls for his value. Let's say a player has a potential range between 160-200 PA. I'm pretty sure that everyone would pay 15M for that 200 PA, but not really for the 160, so there's the risk factor there, especially when you don't have good tutors, etc. (and in my opinion, tutors should be able to allow players go a bit higher than their PA, at least in mental stats, if we accept that every person does have physical limitations. This would reflect that.) Obviously some balancing factors would be needed to keep PA distribution within current values.
  12. The player wouldn't be doing that bid if a risk factor when it comes to a youth's development actually existed. A good solution would be to have the PA of a youth regen be decided later in his life, around 21 years of age for example, and be subject to change with tutoring, quality of the coaches that work with them and others, while still having some random base values affect it to have some variety.
  13. Or, you know, fix scouting so that the player isn't 100% certain that the player he is investing in is worth the 15M since he is a sure catch for the next 10 years. Just an idea instead of ruining the game even more. It's funny how for every other subject brought up the answer is "this is a simulator game, not arcade", but when it comes to players taking advantage of the shortcoming of the scouting system the reply is "we should impose limitations to everyone's simulation". What next? You're going to ask for limitations when it comes to scouting foreign countries without the management's parental approval?
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