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  1. Yeah it does. Very strange though as you could say that about any position really! Cheers
  2. Why aren't you allowed to sign foreign keepers? Seems a very strange rule...
  3. Cool thanks, Also what is the B team for? As I can call up people for that team also.
  4. Now trying to register for the U20 African cup and it says I require 3 goalkeepers but it's not letting me call any extra up!
  5. I'm currently managing Ghana U20s and adding people to my national pool but cannot call up some people to the squad, it won't even give me the option? They are Ghanaian and under 20 and some have event got caps but still cannot call them up to my squad, why is this?
  6. Hey, was just wondering if everyone starts every game with 0 badges and Sunday exp? for example say you wanted to take over Newcastle would you go 0 and sun? Or select 'based on division? I would have no badges/exp for a start unemployed job but trying it with higher rep teams is a hard task and I don't see you having quick success and thus getting sacked fairly early. Just wanted to see people's thoughts
  7. Hey, Sorry this may be the wrong place to put this but where can I find the best and safest download for all team logos and correct competition names etc? It also has to be compatible with mac. Cheers
  8. Thanks for the response, for what reason would you say pro? Also the 8GB one is 250 aus dollars more so technically £125 but when you go up to the 8GB you also get a retina display and only 128GB PCle based flash storage compared to 500GB 5400 rpm hard drive...which I'm not sure what either is.
  9. Further on from my last post... Would it be better to get the cheapest Mac Pro or the dearest Mac Air? Here are the specs which don't mean much to me... Mac Pro 13 inch : 2.5GHz Dual core Intel core i5 Turbo boost up to 3.1GHz 4GB 1600MHz Memory 500GB 5400-rpm hard drive Intel HD Graphics 4000 Battery 7 hours Aus$ 1349.00 Or Mac Air 13 inch 256GB 1.4GHz dual-core Intel core i5 Turbo boost up to 2.7GHz Intel HD graphics card 5000 4GB memory 256GB PCle-based flash storage. Aus$1399 What is the main difference for 50 dollars? As I have no idea Or would you go for a cheaper Mac Air or more expensive Mac Pro? Cheers
  10. Hey I am looking at getting a Mac Air or Pro... Not sure yet but my budget could stretch to £700ish. (I say this but the cheaper the better of course) I would like to load a reasonable amount of leagues (10?) with a large database and it still be fairly quick, I know I'm asking for a lot. I never will watch a game in 3d so the whole 3d graphics card doesn't matter as I normally watch 2d or only commentry. Other uses of the laptop will be general browsing and a lot of online poker, also I have a Nikon camera so a Laptop with a SD memory card slot is a must (I think all Mac books come with this bar one if I'm correct) Also I'm currently in Australia so buying a Mac out here is around 200 quid cheaper compared to the UK. Any help would be highly appreciated Cheers
  11. As the title says... Would like to know of any success story's using the player exchange option on transfers. I have never really experienced any except from them offering me youth players. Maybe some one out there has swapped some high profile players? Excluding regens.
  12. Anyone sign players on te Bosman rule, for them to come through on the January transfer window and then put them straight on te transfer list to make a little bit of money?
  13. It is interesting.. Obviously you would keep the one of a kind stars if you had any that is and then just offload the rest... Could possibly build up a nice kitty n the wage would be slashed quite a bit. Would just have to sort it all out before the start of the season and pray for no big injuries as your team will start off quite thin... Could offload a lot of the reserves too? Or use them as extra back up.
  14. Was just wondering if anyone has taken over a team midway or from the start and decided to either release or sell most players if not all of the first team n started from scratch. Obviously you couldn't do this half way through a season, would have to do it in the summer. Was just thinking it as I'm on a journey man career and I'm going to move very soon probably to a struggling team ina n higher league n would like to reshape the club completely. Obviously finance would play a big part but if you could get decent fees in for a few players n get rid of a high wage bill it could end up benificial if you brang in near enough the same talent if not better on half the wages.
  15. Weirdest win/lose? Hahah this thread reminded me of a few CMs ago when I had a log game with Bayern, where I had pretty much won everything I can n may of even had a unbeaten season in the league. I noticed that my assistant kept gettin my 'B' team into the latter stages of the German cup.. So one year I thought I'd try an get them to the final of it, so would take over in the latter stages to help them progress. I did manage to get them there and guess who there opponents were.. Yep my first Bayern team. Very strange thinking about it now that has this ever happened in real life? I never knew it was possible, am was much before my time on here otherwise I would of taken as many screen shots as possible. Needless to say my First team showed them who's boss and won the game... Thinking about it now I should of let my 'B' team win it. I know it's not a big win or anything like that but it's by sure my weirdest win and loss in one game. Anyone else have simular experiences?
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