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  1. I'm playing with Southampton at the moment using Lambert up top as a lone target man on support. Behind him, I'm playing 3 AMC players with the middle being a shadow striker. As of right now, I have the AMCL and AMCR on 'roam from position' with the assumption that that would help for them to utilize space out wide more often. Should I also consider ticking 'move into channels' for the striker or the shadow striker? Should I perhaps have the outside AMCs moving into channels instead?
  2. It was an issue in the beta. Are you sure you are running the release version?
  3. Is there any way to see your ass man's prematch feedback before you do your pep talk? It seems off if you cannot.
  4. It is still too painful to discuss. It took all my strength just to reply to this thread. Such a tragedy.
  5. Is anyone else having problems with right-click windows not working? I am playing as Swansea. When I go to the Premier League transfer rumor page, the right click window will not come up for most players. I've had to click on countless players and go into their profile page to request scouting reports. A small amount of players will allow me to right click and request a scouting report. I haven't been able to figure out any logic to the issue.
  6. I don't see any reason why it shouldn't be included in the regular game. You don't have to use it, but there are plenty of people who would use it even if for only a couple matches a season. I tend to holiday thru my last few friendlies and matches where I am a massive favorite in various cups.
  7. I decided to check using the free version of FMRTE. The kid from the OP has a PA of 185 and already has a CA of 101 at age 14. The RB I signed has a PA of 172. They can sign pre-contracts. If they sign pre-contracts, with their teams then you can't swoop in and sign them. You have to transfer for them, and often teams won't sell them even for huge sums. The problem is, at least IMO, that teams aren't signing these young studs to pre-contracts for some reason.
  8. What I am seeing is very straightforward and is reproducible.
  9. Why would I do that when I can sign that player prior to him signing his professional deal for less than $1M? The point is that the players can be approached before they have agreed to a professional deal with their team or origin and they will be open to moving. This is true even into May when they have already existed in the game world for a couple months. I shouldn't be able to swoop in and sign a huge number of these players for pennies on the dollar (less than $1M) because they aren't agreeing to their first professional contracts within a couple of months of them being offered. We ar
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