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  1. I have started with Atalanta. Season is over won the Coppa Italia, finished 4th in Serie A & made the CL last 8 so I agree with the post about choosing them as a fun starting save.
  2. I have the text size on 200% zoom in and it's the only way I can see the text because the normal standard size is so small - have the same problem with my steam notifications. Can anyone help?
  3. When i load it the players' attributes aren't showing. Any idea why?
  4. Hey guys, Need some help. How do I completely uninstall FM 15 from my Mac? I am gonna wipe the mac and install FM again. Any help would me much appreciated.:confused:
  5. I have been playing the game since release. Can't get my head around them, so how important are they to you?
  6. Pretty decent with Rangers; Lost in the LC to Ross County lost in the LCC to Raith (semi final ) knocked Celtic out the SC and so far 18 wins 1 draw from 19 league games.
  7. When you guys are setting up tactics do you prefer Balanced Fluid or Very Fluid and why? I am trying out a fluid attacking philosophy and it never ever seems to work at any club at any level. :o
  8. Since the update in the match engine i've found it hard to win games. Just wondered what philosophic you other guys use ? I usually use very fluid but it doesnt seem to be doing the job.
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