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  1. hahah hilarious . Actually I especially liked "looked envious", I never had it in my game
  2. Here are some of my thoughts on future FMs: 1-Scouting. As many people have commented about his issue on this thread, I'm not going to repeat those thigs, it just has to be improved. 2-Press conferences: Although relationships with media has been improved in every previous game, I still think it needs much more work. First of all, I think post-match press conferences would be great. We could chose our opinion about how the game was (like the post-match comment to players) and then we could be asked a few questions related to the oppositon theam, the refree if there was a penalty or sendeing off, a player's good or bad performance, the team's form, it's future aims etc. I know it would be difficult to make all of these without making it repetitive but I know you guys can do it 3-Transfer budgets: One annoying thing that I usually face in this game is having extra transfer budget, but having no wage budget left. I usually sign players taht have contract close to expiring and dont use transfer budget much, but the dont have enough age budget. I think we sould be given a total budget at the start of a season and should be able to spend it freely; like spending it all on wages. 4-Minor issues: There are few problems with the match engine, like unrealistic ball bouncing and curves, too many easy mistakes in good teams (like passes to keepers which fall short), silly set-pieces (and set piece marking), throwins going directly out etc. Also just came to my ming, although it wasnt very useful, I really liked when agents came trying to sell their players, I missed that on FM06. Cheers
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