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  1. AI always cheating

    Don't worry, I got it!
  2. Player Stats

    It is pretty certain that there will be no data changes at all. The only time there would be is if there is something major wrong with the data. The next data update is likely to be after the January transfer window.
  3. This Is An Absolute Joke

    What is wrong with your game?
  4. That is correct. Its basically for use when you don't know how good someone will be but have a vague idea.
  5. It is a known issue. I think you have to add FM.exe as an exception in your anti-virus.
  6. never done instant result before.

    As far as I am aware instant result is only in FMC.
  7. Or use dropbox or similar as then you can access the game from any computer without the need to copy.
  8. I don't agree with you here. It is much easier to pick out results when it is in the format where your score comes first. It's always been like this is FM and shouldn't change in my opinion.
  9. weight

    Weight and height have no actual impact on gameplay.
  10. Classic and full mode in same network game

    Unless the instant result came after the game had finished, but then you may as well just watch it.
  11. I'm pretty sure that was actually in one of the earlier versions of Championship Manager when it was made by SI. I think it made the training a bit too complicated and time-consuming.
  12. This game is FAR FAR from realistic

    I understand what you are saying, but somewhere along the way you still need a rating that says how good the player is at shooting that will be used to calculate how good he is at scoring. You have given the example of how more composed players will score more, but don't forget that one player with 16 finishing and 16 composure will score more than one with 7 finishing and 16 composure. They are related but need to be treated sperately. Take another example, in a situation where there is no pressure at all. A player is 12 yards from goal, no pressure on him as his team are winning 6-0, the goalkeeper is at the other end of the pitch and there are no defenders around him. It's a friendly against the reserves with no fans. The player has 10 in composure but 20 in finishing. He is likely to score. Take the same situation but where the player has 20 composure but 10 finishing. The player is less likely to score. This is simply because the underlying attribute of how well a player can shoot from inside the box is the one that is taken into account. Composure doesn't matter, as there is no pressure on him. Technique doesn't matter as he just has to 'pass' it to the goal. Player with high finishing and average composure can score lots of goals. This is normally due to high scores in other areas - pace to get through on goal, technique to find the space, decision making to know when to shoot. Similarly a player with average finishing and high composure can score a lot of goals. This is due to being ice cold in front of goal.
  13. This game is FAR FAR from realistic

    Which is pretty much what I said.
  14. This game is FAR FAR from realistic

    No it isn't. Finishing is how good a player is at hitting the target when shooting. Composure is how well they keep their nerve under pressure. For example, a player may score 30 goals a season, but spoons it over the bar in the last minute of the FA Cup final. Decision Making is the player's ability to make the correct decision, for example whether to shoot or pass or where to aim in the goal compared to where defenders and goalkeepers are positioned.