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  1. Just uploaded it. Its called "Rhys Mussett - Roma (v02) (v02).fm"
  2. Playing as Roma in my third season and i get a random message "Roma set record transfer fee for an irish player" and at the time i got this i wasn't active in the transfer market and so i checked it out and somone has bought a 19yo potential 3 star Joe Hodge from Man city for 28.5M. I instantly checked my responsabilities and i have my Director of football set to initiate signings for the u18's and u21's but im set to negotiate the transfer and finalise it but this one went through without me knowing at anypoint. No news to say we offered a contract or that it had been agreed and to complete the transfer.
  3. It Worked! Thank you Neil!! I can now take Newcastle to the promised land!
  4. No joy still just gets to 1% completing installation and then error
  5. Still getting the error message, When i deleted the items then loaded steam back up it didnt automatically update then try to start, It just tried to open the game again and got stuck on 1% then error. So i unistalled re-installed and still error.
  6. Yeh and then tried verifying and still getting the error message.
  7. No Problem, I unistalled all AVG and still getting the error.
  8. I was told to make my OWN thread so here we go Im getting "The Steam servers are too busy to handle your request for Football Manager 2015. Error Code (2)" When trying to play. I have tried all the tips on http://community.sigames.com/showthr...able-to-Launch and unistalled and re-installed the game turned off anti virus and installed the game tried verifying files and still no joy. I have AVG.
  9. Same problem and like OP i have tried all the tips on http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/405114-Game-Unable-to-Launch and unistalled and re-installed turned of anti virus and installed the game tried verifying files and still no joy.
  10. I often get 1-2 players complain "Unhappy with the low level of training he is getting" so the question is, How do i fix this? Do i just need to get them focusing on a certain attribute or up the workload (How?)?
  11. I just started a game with Porto and i have been getting alot of weird transfer offers for my players from other clubs example: Fernando worth 7m i was offered 210k from Roma Lucho Gonzalez worth 1m i was offered 66k by AC and Inter Milan Maicon worth 7.5 million i was offered 2.1M from Newcastle Jorge Fucile worth 4.1m i was offered 400k from Stoke They dont just offer this once and accept im not gonna take the ridiculously low offers they keep offering these over and over, None of these players are on the transfer list. What i think might be happening is when the AI are making these offers they are leaving out the addons to bring it around the asking price orwhat they can afford/think is a acceptable offer.
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