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  1. Not played FM 2-16 much this year due to work commitments but I've picked up the game again over the last few weeks and I'm happy to inform you I'm back to 10 + hrs a day again Something I've noticed is the severe lack of BWM / BBM etc. I play the obligatory 4-2-3-1, flat back four, two central midfielders, an attacking central midfielder and two inside forwards / wingers. I really don't like playing 2 central playmakers but I'm finding it increasingly difficult to find any decent players other than DLP's and AP's. Same goes for the central AMC position. The large majority of central midfielders seem to be DLPs / APs and the large majority of AMC's seem to be AP's. Don't know if it's just this save but I'm having to play a lot of players who don't have full knowledge of the position, eg because I'm completely unwilling to play a DLP/AP and then AP in the AMC position I'm playing a DLP as a BBM ( who's role and duty knowledge is about 3/4 full ). Also I'm noticing in most positions as my players develop their 100% full knowledge seems to leave them over time. I'm probably a little too fixated on having everyone at 100% for role and duty I know, but I can't explain why it's happening and why there seems to be so many central midfielders who are playmakers.
  2. Usually I just leave my chief scout to set assignments. I was reading another forum the other day and it said on there that your scouting knowledge percentage actually feeds into your youth intake. That makes sense, but I'd never really considered it before. I've been established in the EPL for five seasons now and have 17 scouts. My world knowledge ( solely from the chief scout setting assignments ) was 36%. After reading that it affects your youth intake I've started to set assignments manually. I've managed to get it up to 45% within the first six months of this season. Does it actually affect your youth intake? What percentage is your scouted world knowledge?
  3. How do you find out Cougar ? Without manually going through the landmarks of each team? I have the ingame editor but not on this save. Deliberately turned it off at the start of this save.
  4. How do I do a search for this ? I'd be interested in finding out for my current save.
  5. If it's any consolation, that one is pretty vague for "English" English speakers. I read it as "Push on," meaning "come on lads, lets kick up a gear and go to the next level." Something like that anyway.
  6. I've got a friend that puts a suit on for finals. I wouldn't mind but he is 37 years old. Never heard of anyone playing a clubs anthem though. Weirdo
  7. I've never read the LLM guidelines before. I can readily accept my way of doing things would be considered cheating in the context of playing too those guidelines. That seems quite an interesting way of playing, and considering I'm approaching the end of this save I might well start another save and play the way you guys do. Biggus, I know you were being light hearted, and apologies if I've come across in this thread as a bit uppity. It wasn't intended. I just found it an interesting discussion into what some people consider as taking an advantage. I'd never considered my way of doing things was gaining an advantage over the AI teams, but I can see the sentiment clearly. I guess I figured that because it often takes 3-4 hours to play through the newgen dates going through every team etc, I felt justified and rewarded when I did find a few players to poach. I know it's a single player game, and there is no right or wrong way of playing. But the more I think about, the more I like the idea of relying entirely on your scouts.
  8. Ok. Biggus. I'm a cheat then. Even though you have admitted you manually assign to regions. I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm guessing you have never looked up newgen dates and arbitrarily assign scouts to regions as you see fit ( something I don't believe someone with four and a half thousand posts does. ) But you might do. So my question is, if you set your scouts manually how can you possibly be not be influenced by knowing the newgen dates ? Do you wait until a scout is free then manually assign him to Southern Europe, or Eastern Europe, or West Africa, entirely on a whim, or do you do it in the knowledge that teams in that region must have had a new intake recently, I've played this game for years and around this time is when I should be assigning a scout to check. I understand wht you are getting at, but I fail to see how you consider my way as unrealistic ( ie cheating , ) and your way of being somehow more pure and honest. Can you 100% categorically state that you never assign a scout to a particular region without prior knowledge your scouts are liable to find quite a few youngsters ?
  9. So me making preparations years in advance in terms of ensuring my scouts have 100% knowledge of a nation, then setting up assignments the day before the newgen date, then spending 2-3 hours going through every teams newgen and assigning a different scout to watch them is cheating? I honestly have never looked at it that way. From what I can gather your essentially saying I should save myself three hours and just load an editor and save myself the hassle of searching so thoroughly? Sosa, if I do what you suggest, then they will already have been signed and the clubs will demand £5m-20m for them. Are you and Biggus seriously saying that you leave scouting assignments for your chief scout and don't manually assign your scouts yourself. Further, that if you know the newgen dates and assign your scouts accordingly that you consider this as an exploit? Lets say both of you actually do that, you would still need the finances to spend £30m a year to sign a few newgens ( if they are from a major country, I'm well aware they cost a lot less from minor nations, ) and you consider throwing "x" amount of millions per year at signing 14,15,16 year olds that your scouts have found more realistic than accepting that your club has gotten to a level where there is no restriction on scouting ( ergo, they will already know of the best prospects in each country ). I just don't see that as being any more or less realistic than the way I do it.
  10. I understand what your saying Alex, but I reckon 95% + would disagree with you. I think what your getting at is to completely ignore the newgen dates ( pretty much impossible, given that every seasoned player knows them off by heart ), and completely rely on your scouts, and only once they inform you of a 14,15, 16 yr old with "x" potential via your news feed can you consider signing them. By which point they will likely cost you £10m + The way I see it is, if you've put the time and effort in, then it's no different to "poaching" a youth talent ( like United did with Pique, ) for a vastly reduced compensation package.
  11. Wow. So you are effectively saying that those players wouldn't ever be known to your scouts beforehand. If that's the case I give you Ryan Giggs. At City as a schoolboy, but signed pro forms for United. He was on the radar of many clubs, similar to Noel Whelan from years back. Whelan was known to United, Spurs, Wimbledon, Leeds, Sheff Wednesday, Newcastle, Celtic and Arsenal. This is long before the likes of Pique to United etc. Every club knew about them. I was scouted by Chester City ( at the time ), Crewe Alex, Wrexham and Everton as a schoolboy. I signed schoolboy terms for Tranmere in the end who had shown absolutely zero interest in me until the day I left school. Then the phone rang...... I see the newgen date similar to what happened to me. Ofc I went on to achieve nothing but that's not the point. Further to that, if you don't cheat and use editors, it takes forever to go through each club, in each nation on the respective newgen dates. Around the March - April time I literally spend hours going through clubs, assigning scouts that have full knowledge of the nation so they might possibly complete the assignment before they sign youth term contracts. Hours ! And I won't be alone in doing that. And if I find 2 or 3 players a season then I, along with many others will feel vindicated. Because it takes so long to do, and all the preparation of having a scout with 100% knowledge etc, I simply refute that it is cheating.
  12. Alex, are you saying knowing the newgen dates is cheating? Not quite sure what you mean. If your playing in the EPL you only have to play a few seasons to know you get your youth intake on 13th March. Same if your playing in Germany or France you will know you get your youth intake on 8th March. A day earlier in leap years. Not sure what your getting at.
  13. Here is a link for the "Newgen" dates. Regens haven't been around for a long time now, even though the name has stuck. http://www.mypassion4footballmanager.com/2013/11/football-manager-2014-regen-dates-youth-intake.html
  14. @Gandy. It's a struggle all the way through. Simplest thing I can tell you is, don't get attached to your players. If they are asking too much, let them go. Focus on free transfers and loans. And whenever possible upgrade your youth facilities, youth recruitment network and junior coaching. Then focus on your 1st teams training facilities. You will have times when you get so frustrated at the wage demands. Try and let it pass, and let the player go. @Craglyboy. Yeah she really is great. I'm a newbie to talksport, previously being very "Sniffy" about it, preferring the BBC and Radio 5. But during the world cup all I wanted to listen to was footie, footie, footie, instead of footie, news, news, politics, footie. Talksport exclusively talked footie, and they still are. Add in that I've gotten used to the presenters and find they can be both clever enough to hold my attention and "Laddish" enough to not make me feel like a stupid imbecile ( which R5 and R4 often do. ) It's like being in the pub and having a laugh with your mates, no matter what time of the day you tune in. @baboyray. He was and still is, and it's already coming back to bite me in the bum. 15 goals in 12 games for City playing upfront and I'm 4 points behind them in the league with 6 games to go. Bugger
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