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  1. Thanks again for your work on this! Played in Algeria and Morocco and noticed that Code of conduct doesn't show up when manager in those leagues, moved to South Africa and then it shows up as in vanilla game. Just letting you know.
  2. Thank you, great work! Enjoying a save started with the file that was available march 10, v 2 I think. Some problems with the cup in Morocco, Coupe du Trône. Best of two legs in the game (but should be one leg only as far as I know) but the rules in both games includes extra time and penalties. So I had the first game going to penalties but then the result counts as a draw when the second leg starts. Maybe you have seen and updated this in later versions. Just letting you know. Thanks again, enjoying playing in Africa for the first time!
  3. EDIT: Missed it on so many players and now I understand that on players currently in B or C squad it is missing. When moved to regular squad it shows up. Not great for youth development teams. Don't know if this is restricted to Spain where I play or the same for all clubs with B team. Will report as bug if I can't find it already listed.
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