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  1. Whenever I click on information and league dates on the international tournament, the game crashes directly!
  2. Hi! I understand that you have a lot to do and work your ass off, but I was just wondering how far away the new season update is? Can't wait to play Chinese KHL hockey! Thanks for keeping this game up!
  3. When some teams want one of my players, they keep on making the same offer, although I've declined it more than 5 times.. Rather annoying when it pops up and you first think there's a better deal but it's the exact same offer as before!
  4. When a team reaches 10 won games, it says 10 won games, but when it exceedes 10 won games (11, 12 13 straight games won etc.) the count is stuck at 10 wins. I don't know how it is with 10 straight losses, but I would guess it's the same but the other way around
  5. One might say that, but if you look at FM, you can take decisions such as ticket prices, building a new arena, arena capacity etc. It makes the whole game experience better!
  6. I would love to see the game being more economically based. For example, being able to set prices on tickets, merchandising, snacks, food etc. so you could revenue more money!
  7. I would love having Spengler Cup in the game as some contrast to the other leagues!
  8. The Playoffs Final has the wrong game format. The game is set at a best of 3 round, while in reality it's best of 7.
  9. As of this season, the SHL expanded from 12 to 14 teams, HockeyAllsvenskan changed its structure and Liiga expanded from 14 to 15 teams. When will these be updated?
  10. So this just happened to the Final Olympic qualification round:
  11. You can fix this issue yourself by downloading the Pre-game database editor for EHM 07, load your downloaded database and add an arena, or the arenas missing. After that, just save it and import it as usual. I updated all the names of the KHL arenas, changed some capacities, added future arena moves (Barys and Dynamo Moscow to their new 12k seaters) plus updated the current average attendance.
  12. I don't know if it's a database error or a file error, but Serbia's short abbrevation is scb (as in Serbia and Montenegro). I know Serbia did not exist in EHM 2007 (it was Yugoslavia) and it might be because of this the short abbrevation has not changed to "sba". I recognized this by the flag in World Championships Division 2A and I checked my pictures folder where they used the former Yugoslavian flag under the short abbrevation "scg". I hope I made it clear because it sounds a bit vague
  13. - NHL teams should be able to loan out their newly signed prospects to their former team (for example some Europeans signing an NHL deal are getting loaned out and stays in the same team, though they have an NHL contract. - Teams should be able to loan out players in different countries (for example if a Swedish team has a Finnish player, they should be able to loan out the player to a Finnish club and not just Swedish clubs)
  14. For the countries having a second tier, relegation would be nice if clubs are about bankrupt!
  15. A simple button with the option to go back to the menus instead of just exiting the game completely would be nice to have
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