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  1. I've banged on about this before but I'd like to see youth players from the same intake have each other as favoured personnel, similar to how they have coaches as favoured personnel now. In fact, a few improvements can be made to favoured personnel and how it works. As it is now, I almost always see players who have storming games or seasons who become favoured personnel for other players. I'd like it to be a bit more random or not so much based on performances. Maybe same personality types, same nationalities or even players born in the same city and such. These things are already in the game, so maybe just to link them to the whole favoured personnel model would be nice.
  2. Right, I've got myself a goalkeeper who is touted to be able to be a leading Premier League goalkeeper for free. Naturally, as a newly promoted side, I've decided to sign him. Problem is, his current ability is only rated as about 2.5 stars. If I give him regular games, is he gonna be able to fully realise his potential? Do goalkeepers really have different peak periods and development times from outfield players? Speaking of which, do outfield players stop developing after 23 years old as well? When do we know when to give up on a player fullfiling his potential?
  3. Right, is there any particular reason why youth candidates from the same batch do not have each other in their favoured personnel list? They already have some of their coaches, and occasionally, their manager, as their favoured personnel so it'd be nice to see different players from the same batch list each other as friends. The Manchester United class of 92 springs to mind. Real life players also have these sort of relations portrayed in the game already, so this addition would make sense, would it not?
  4. Right, a major bugbear I've had with FM for a long time: AI squad management and planning. The example below is just one symptom of terrible AI which I hate to see. I've seen loads of the bigger clubs, (Manchester United particularly, because I've subscribed to them) buy 17-19 year old kids for sums of up to 5 million pounds, loan them out for a few years, then not give them a game in the first team and sell them on for far less money than they've bought them. Its ridiculous, the amount that they pay for teenagers who they won't play. In addition, the amount of turnover of players these clubs have is getting ridiculous. They'd sell off squad players, then bring in other players who they'll proceed to sell off next season. The cycle will repeat. Better squad management by the AI is the biggest complained I've had since the Champman days. Sort it out, SI! Ugh, I don't know how to put images in posts so here are links to some pictures. http://i.imgur.com/xxzWaz8.jpg http://i.imgur.com/ipr55h5.jpg http://i.imgur.com/l1sd5ZC.jpg
  5. Ahhh... Ok, will do it when I boot up FM after work later. Thanks, guys.
  6. Just to be clearer. I didn't understand what you meant, Ivan.
  7. Right, this has bothered me for years. I like the idea of attribute improvement graphs but the execution leaves me underwhelmed. Its too small and I find myself squinting and actually using a ruler on the screen to trace the lines and see whether its moved up or down. Got round to doing this thread when I decided how ridiculous I look doing it. Player attributes rarely improve by much in less than a year so is there any way the scale could be changed? Or just make it bigger or zoomable, though I don't know if the latter is doable the way the game interface is set up. Also, if there's any kind skinner out there who's already thought of this and changed it, can someone direct me to the download link? Thanks.
  8. Ok this might be the most stupidest question ever asked on this thread but here goes nothing.... When you set "exploit left flank" TI, does it mean we exploit the opposition's left flank by getting our right sided players to be more attacking, or does it mean I set my team to attack more from my own left flank?
  9. Thanks. That worked for me. Cheers, man. While we're at it, can you possibly answer another skin/interface question that I have? Its bugging me that there is so much empty space on top of the player list in the player search screen. I know you can resize it, but going to another screen will undo the resizing. Is there anyway I can tinker around and make the player list panel bigger than the custom search panel by default?
  10. Ugh. I've deleted the files, cleared my skin cache and reloaded the skin to make sure and it is still happening. Thanks anyway, guys, for the prompt replies. Maybe the game is telling me to just stick to the Dark Skin and Steklo.
  11. Thanks. Will get round to doing this when I get home. Any chance that the folders will be in a different location seeing how I am still on XP?
  12. I've got the same problem, but I use Steam, and can't seem to find the folder to fix this problem.
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