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  1. Which it does. There's a far fewer 160+ PA regens now. Just go on a holiday for a couple of seasons and check with Genie Scout or somesuch. Especially seems to be a major problem in South Korea, where the rules require the teams to have homegrown goalies. But there don't even seem to be enough of those to go around, since in my current save some teams are using greyed-out players.
  2. Realistic. "The incidence of hamstring injuries among athletes varies based upon the definition used. Nevertheless, most researchers agree that hamstring injuries comprise a substantial percentage of acute, sports-related musculoskeletal injuries. Prevalence ranges from 8 to 25 percent, depending upon the sport. The timing for return to sport ranges from as early as two weeks to never, depending upon injury severity and the sport in question. One observational study reports a single-season prevalence rate greater than 50 percent among elite soccer players. Recurrent hamstring injuries develop in more than 30 percent of athletes, with most occurring during the ensuing sporting season." That I agree with. Numerous players are constantly breaking the real life red card records. AI managers should take those into account when they select players: they should be more reluctant to field players who have already got a lot of cards during the season.
  3. This is still a problem: Loans called off because the clubs can't free up enough funds. (Considering that all the French Ligue 2 clubs seem to be in deep debt... they probably shouldn't make these fee paying loan offers in the first place.)
  4. I presume you're managing some top team. Around 60% is staple for some of the national and lower league teams that I've managed: low physical stats and there's not enough squad depth for rotation. Back when I was still managing Macau nt, it was common that the players ended the match with 50% fitness. Now that I think about it, that probably explains why third of the national pool was out injured at one point.
  5. That's not too bad, I saw some players demand thirty times higher wages in the old version. I also saw many promising youngsters retire because they weren't quite good enough for Premier, yet demanded such ridiculous wages that no lower league could've afforded them. Few months on the free transfer and they decide to retire...instead of lowering their demands (good job agents, well done!). Hopefully those are fixed.
  6. Sorting is still broken for many stats (referee stats etc.), and the default 4-6-0 formation is still displayed as 4-4-2 in-game. Among other bugs. I've reported some of those, but most of them were impossible to reproduce. So I gotta wonder if my settings (or even system language or maybe Windows version) is messing up something. Since those bugs evidently don't affect everyone. Sigh. :/
  7. Comment On Next/Previous Opponent's Manager feature needs work. It seems useless now that it no longer affects player happiness in any way. There's not much point in playing mind-games if it's not possible to unnerve opponent's players, etc.
  8. As has been said several times: not literal cheating. AI just knows how to effectively counter something. Too effectively in some cases. But on the other hand, as I mentioned above, that makes it predictable and easily exploited by the player. I'd like to see some AI managers sticking to their favorite formation more frequently and in general I'd like to see more unpredictability from some managers. I can't remember the last time I was surprised by the AI.
  9. That I agree with. Good AI managers should of course be able to easily adapt to changes and figure out how to counter your tactics, but even the bad ones seem too good at it. Always changing formations/tactics on fly. I don't think it happens as often in real life as it does in this game. At least not in the lower leagues. In FM13 I learned early on to switch the formations every second or third game. I've had a lot more success since I started juggling between three regular tactics and kept the opposition guessing. But it kinda feels like I'm exploiting the AI: I know that it is prepared for my old tactics, so fielding a different formation gives me an unfair edge. It's like playing Rock-Paper-Scissors with someone who always starts with rock. :/
  10. Moaning? Pffft. Games aren't important enough to moan about. But I think most are speaking about straight reds. Here's some real life stats: http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/premier-league/suenderkartei/wettbewerb_GB1_2011.html This season hasn't ended yet, but you can look at the previous stats. 2011/2012: Joey Barton, David Wheater and Djibril Cissé got two reds each. 2010/2011: Nobody got two. 2009/2010: Gary Caldwell got two ...and so on. In my simulated 2012/2013 season, there was one player who got five straight reds, one who got four, three who got three and seven who got two. Unrealistic. Those cards are supposed to be a big deal. At the very least, the AI managers should temporarily bench the players who get their second red.
  11. To be frank, I think this franchise is getting too complex for its own good. I'm personally not interested in getting a second job in football management or in learning the finer points of tactics. FM12 still felt fun. Entertaining game that I could play a couple of hours per week, after work. But no matter how many hours I sink into FM13, I can't shake the feeling that it's aimed at the 'spreadsheets are fun' crowd. It is starting to remind me of grognard wargames: the ones that sell a couple thousand copies at most, because they're too time-consuming to learn for an average gamer.
  12. That is, in fact, completely realistic. What's not is the length of those injuries. I don't think FM simulates faked injuries at all...and the average length of the injury seems to be longer than in real life. Furthermore, AI seems to have some issues with it. Such as that Macau national pool that I mentioned: third of the players were out at once. It evened out afterwards, but I have wonder what caused it... (If one more goalkeeper had got injured, I don't know what would've happened in the national team selection. Because there were only two fit goalies left in the whole country and you're required to have three in the team..)
  13. Except it affects the AI too. As I mentioned previously, I've seen several AI players get five red cards in a season. That'd be enough to propel them to the Top25 of red card stats in one season and to the top spot in two. To put it into perspective: the record number of red cards in Premier is eight, currently held by Patrick Vieira, Duncan Ferguson and Richard Dunne. That's the number of Premier reds over their whole careers. There's something wrong if a player can top those records in just two seasons.
  14. Speaking of which... When was the last time any of you saw a scorpion or scissor kick? Two-footed tackle? I saw those occasionally in FM12, but so far none in 13. Am I just unobservant or are they much rarer than before -- or maybe they no longer exist in this ME? :/
  15. Here's a list of 3+ red card players from my latest season: Kyle McFadzean D© : Marks Opponent Tightly, Does Not Dive Into Tackles Neal Bishop M© : Dives Into Tackles Alan Sheehan D(L) : Dives Into Tackles Mark Roberts D© : Marks Opponent Tightly Marnick Vermijl D® : -- Tal Ben-Haim D© : Marks Opponent Tightly, Does Not Dive Into Tackles Jason Lowe M© : Dives Into Tackles Anthony Wordsworth M(LC) : -- Tom Huddlestone DM, M© : Does Not Dive Into Tackles Carlos Cuéllar D© : Dives Into Tackles Wes Brown D© : Marks Opponent Tightly, Dives Into Tackles Ki Sung-Yeung M© : -- Jonas Olsson D© : Marks Opponent Tightly, Dives Into Tackles Victor Wanyama M© : -- Andy Parrish D(RC) : Dives Into Tackles Darius Henderson ST : Argues With Officials Ashley Grimes ST : Argues With Officials Bilel Mohsni D© : -- Ryan Valentine D(RL), DM : Dives Into Tackles I do see some trends there, but not in PPMs. Lot of defenders booked, compared to attackers...and some of these folks have never got even a single red card in real life. The number of bookings seems fine, but the spread might need some work?
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