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  1. My understanding from previous games (and I believe I read this somewhere else to confirm it) was that if you say get youth players from say a polish or Russian affiliate then their national team would receive better players in the long run and that you could basically improve a nations standing by choosing a team from that nation.
  2. unfortunately my macclesfield save was stupidly deleted, at Betis atm, seem to have plenty of shots but not a lot of goals. everything set to how you have it and players are right for the positions.any ideas guys?
  3. The staff do become better though dont they? I swear I'm not dreaming this up, I had a coach with physiotherapy at 13 for one of my teams as I got a better job I took him with me as a physio and he's was up to 18 I believe!
  4. Is it premier league registration? If he's under 21 then he doesn't need to be registered, but there is a close off point for registering players I believe!
  5. Ps. Super Depor are my Spanish team so I'm happy you got them to third! Haha
  6. After reading your post I did set it at attacking, and wondered if they weren't holding onto leads as there team cohesion wasn't 100%, but noticed the attacking movement was getting worse so changed it back! Ok mate, I'll give it a try later on!
  7. 6th! I always seemed to concede on the 70th minute aswell! Whether 1-0 up and comfortably hammering the away team as soon as 70th minute came along BAM!
  8. Yes I did, over teams I was expecting to heavily defeat! I'm not having ago, the tactic seems very promising, haven't tried it with bigger and better teams, just looking for help from people who are better with tactics!
  9. I was Macclesfield! There's nothing like getting weak teams playing good football though, so I can the potential of the tactic! I took over a couple of months into the season so the tactic wasn't fully learnt, but I did play it for 20+ games, mainly draws!
  10. I tried this with lower league, but couldn't quite get any consistency! Any help would be grateful...I tried lowering C/F for all, but that seemed to make players take more long shots and less shots on goal over the games! Maybe different shouts?
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