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  1. Ok, but now I have returned to fm13 until the patch for fm14 is released and when I used the same scheme with faces and icons, the faces got all blurred. I had to delete the icons and now the faces are working. cheers,
  2. This skin is very, very good... the only problem is that it eats some characters in portuguese.
  3. Ok, I have install the OPZ (the second link you gave) and backgrounds are working just fine :-)
  4. Thanks!!! Damn, it takes ages to enter the workshop, I forgot to rename the folder where I have my faces
  5. nice :-) I think there is no scorpio for fm14 only to fm13. I think steklo is also compatible.
  6. Oh, ok, I have the backgrounds already but I'm using the fm default skin. I' giving a try with scorpio skin
  7. Ok, but there's no folder steamlibrary... anyway i replaced the file settings.fmf but I still have no backgrounds.
  8. Where is that folder SteamLibrary ??? I have a Steam folder under Programs (x86), is this one ???
  9. Muchacho, here's the situation: I have the faces in c:\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\graphics\faces\ and the icons in c:\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\graphics\iconfaces\ The icons are not working, damn
  10. Sorry, coloured atributes are working when looking to atributes panel. Mine are blue, still I prefer the green ones.
  11. Great staff problem fixed!!! Coloured attributes box NOT working
  12. Ok, so If I download the faces to the folder graphics with the config.xml to which folder should I download the icons with his own config.xml ???? Because since both faces and icons have a config.xml they won't be able to co-exist in the same graphics folder.
  13. Will do. Everything else it's fine even using the fm dark skin
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