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  1. SI disgrace- Game OVER

    Stop defending SI, even i agree with him. Its a disgrace.
  2. How many hours this weekend...

    c) doing something else i guess... I doubt i will get the game this weekend now, we will see.
  3. Activation problems? 0 or O, 1 or l

    So it doesnt matter if its a o or a O? It will crack it?
  4. Activation problems? 0 or O, 1 or l

    WOW BIG CODE!!!! And to think i will do that... I was looking for this topic and some mod change the name(so i didnt see the "you posted here arrow"), which i thank because the zeros problem is what i forgot to add.
  5. patch well done

    The links for the boxed version will be revealed later i guess.
  6. patch well done

    You can still play in 2D even if your computer doesn't support 3D.
  7. patch well done

    For example the reserve leagues in some countries. (Yes, i insist alot in this )
  8. patch well done

    Its because of the +3000 people online. Well form what ive seen, the patch is good but still missed some date update.
  9. I seeing a lot of posts where people flame SI because of the bad activiatio0n code (via box). I will get this game saturday or sunday and this sounds bad really. The whole activation sounds bad. I think SI arent treating their costumers right. Everytime i see a person criticize the system, a moderator just comes and closes the thread. Sure the users are mad and most of the times will say "wrong words" while others will talk in a more civilized way, but i think they are kinda right. I mean, they paid for the game, so instead of closing threads i think SI should help them more. Im referring more to some posts that a mod doesnt even explain the reason that he locked the topic. A user asks for help: thread locked for no reason (activation one). Now, i want to know if more people are having problems in activating the game, the boxed version. Thanks.
  10. Patch Changelist (9.1.0)

    Since they updated the database, they didnt include the reserve leagues/teams that are missing, again.
  11. Patch Changelist (9.1.0)

    I think they forgot about it... AGAIN! Comon SI!
  12. si and steam are crap

    Steam sucks really.
  13. Patch Changelist (9.1.0)

    I dont see the Reserve leagues there. Why?
  14. Ahh thats what i wanted to hear.