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  1. Stop defending SI, even i agree with him. Its a disgrace.
  2. c) doing something else i guess... I doubt i will get the game this weekend now, we will see.
  3. So it doesnt matter if its a o or a O? It will crack it?
  4. WOW BIG CODE!!!! And to think i will do that... I was looking for this topic and some mod change the name(so i didnt see the "you posted here arrow"), which i thank because the zeros problem is what i forgot to add.
  5. The links for the boxed version will be revealed later i guess.
  6. You can still play in 2D even if your computer doesn't support 3D.
  7. For example the reserve leagues in some countries. (Yes, i insist alot in this )
  8. Its because of the +3000 people online. Well form what ive seen, the patch is good but still missed some date update.
  9. I seeing a lot of posts where people flame SI because of the bad activiatio0n code (via box). I will get this game saturday or sunday and this sounds bad really. The whole activation sounds bad. I think SI arent treating their costumers right. Everytime i see a person criticize the system, a moderator just comes and closes the thread. Sure the users are mad and most of the times will say "wrong words" while others will talk in a more civilized way, but i think they are kinda right. I mean, they paid for the game, so instead of closing threads i think SI should help them more. Im referring more to some posts that a mod doesnt even explain the reason that he locked the topic. A user asks for help: thread locked for no reason (activation one). Now, i want to know if more people are having problems in activating the game, the boxed version. Thanks.
  10. Since they updated the database, they didnt include the reserve leagues/teams that are missing, again.
  11. I think they forgot about it... AGAIN! Comon SI!
  12. Steam sucks really.
  13. I dont see the Reserve leagues there. Why?
  14. Ahh thats what i wanted to hear.